The 1st International Eurasia Airshow will have all eyes on Turkey in 2018

Further reinforcing the prowess of the Turkish Aerospace and Defense Industries, the event will gather global industry giants in Antalya, while boosting tourism. In an exclusive Defence Turkey Magazine interview, CEO of the International Eurasia Airshow, Mr. Ferhat Yenibertiz discusses B2B and G2G negotiations that are well underway, and the momentum that is quickly drawing global attention.

Issue 71 - November 2016

Defence Turkey: Dear Mr. Ferhat Yenibertiz first of all, we would like to wish you success in your new assignment. You have been assigned as the CEO of the International Eurasia Airshow, which will gather the Commercial and Military Aerospace representatives on 25th-28th April 2018 in Antalya. Could you please briefly tell us the story of the establishment of Eurasia and accomplishment of the Airshow?

The idea of Eurasia to take place in Turkey emerged 10-11 months ago and then we made the decision to initiate our journey with this path.  So, how did this subject come to our agenda? As you know, the aerospace sector in Turkey is thriving and quite rapidly. Examining the data of the years 2003 – 2015, we come across 5.7% growth in the whole world, during that period the growth of the aerospace sector in Turkey was 13.7%.  Within the last decade, Turkey achieved an aggressive growth especially in the aerospace area.