The 33rd Annual Conference of the ATC Held in Washington D.C.

The 33rd annual conference of the American-Turkish Council (ATC) took place in Washington D.C. betwee

Tarih: Issue 54 - July 2014

With the purpose of strengthening Turkish-American defence industry relations, various panels at the Conference discussed topics such as “U.S. and Turkey Relations: Defence Budget Realities; Procurement Priorities and Opportunities for Cooperation in Meeting Requirements,” Creating Opportunities for Defence Industrial Cooperation through Government Initiatives and Programs” and “New Challenges to U.S.-Turkey Defence Industrial Cooperation in a Changing World.” In the panels which saw discussions in depth on Turkish-American defence industry relations, it was pointed out that, in particular, many American technologies were present in the indigenous Turkish platforms and products and in exports to third countries both nations would benefit from this. However, in exports planned to third countries, the license restrictions to American products had slowed contract negotiations and hence the need for a step to be taken by the decision-makers of both nations on this issue was pointed out. The importance of the inclusion of Turkish defence industry main contractors as a risk partner in the American Development Program was also discussed in the panels.  On the other hand, the issue of including Turkish companies in the U.S. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) supply chain within the scope of their local and international needs was also raised. 

Speaking at the “U.S. and Turkey Relations: Defense Budget Realities; Procurement Priorities and Opportunities for Cooperation in Meeting requirements,” SSM Undersecretary Prof. Ismail Demir indicated that the ATC was one of the most important forums in terms of Turkish-American relations and added: “The contributions that the U.S. made to Turkey during the Cold War were very important but when we look at the last two decades certain things have begun to change. Together with the development of the Turkish defence industry, Turkey has now become a partner in international programs.”