The Cockerill®3105 – Infantry Support, Reconnaissance and Anti-Tank Weapons Armored Vehicle Weapons Platform, Protected - Powerful - Precise

Tarih: Issue 122 - May 2023 Güncelleme: July 21, 2024

Based on an exclusive modular concept, the Cockerill® 3000 Series is a unique platform that allows a single turret to integrate guns of different calibers and the corresponding technological modules: automatic canons of 25mm, 30mm, 30/40mm, 35mm and 50mm caliber as well as direct fire guns of 90mm and 105mm caliber. These turrets can be equipped with additional equipment such as anti-tank guided missiles. Thanks to their unique operational capability, the rapid interchangeability of their crews and weapons and their very high level of commonality, the Cockerill® 3000 Series modular turrets can cover all types of missions and objectives on the battlefield (engagement of tanks, bunkers and helicopters, urban combat, intervention in so-called asymmetric conflicts, etc.) at reduced overall operating costs.   

These systems benefit from John Cockerill Defence's "In-Service Support" and its simulation solutions offered under the Agueris® brand. These allow training and education in immersive virtual cockpits as well as in onboard simulators.