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Defence Turkey: It is obvious that Havelsan has taken significant achievements in 2008. What is

Tarih: Issue 15 - April 2009

In its initial years HAVELSAN was a company which mainly developed solutions for national defence needs. Today, both alone and in cooperation with prominent international companies, HAVELSAN explores opportunities for export. We maintain our strong position in the markets we operate in, and every day we focus more and more on international markets.

Defence Turkey: We would like to congratulate HAVELSAN for the new contract signed with Republic of Korea. Would you give us some information on the program ?

HAVELSAN signed a new contract with Republic of Korea Defense Procurement Agency DAPA for Electronic Warfare Training System for the requirements of Republic of Korea Air Force on 16 April 2009. This cooperation will strengthen the bond and the business relation of the countries in defense industries as well. HAVELSAN had developed a CN-235 FAA Level D Full Mission Simulator for ROKAF in 2004.
As HAVELSAN, we see that our mission critical solutions and system engineering, management capabilities in multinational environments, which was gained through important domestic projects as main contractor, R&D studies and Peace Eagle where we worked together with BOEING and Maritime Patrol Aircraft, MELTEM project we worked with THALES project provide a major contribution to HAVELSAN’s presence in the international market.
We developed EHTES (Electronic Warfare Test and Training Range) in line with the electronic warfare test and training needs of the Turkish Armed Forces using exclusively our own resources. EHTES elevated us to the status of ‘major player’ in the field of electronic warfare testing, training and evaluation.
EHTES is used
• to provide training for pilots in a very realistic threat environment,
• to perform the functional and effectiveness tests of electronic warfare systems in flight conditions,
• to develop electronic mixing and “chaff” techniques and manoeuvre styles.

EHTES has been in the service of the Turkish Air Forces since 1999. It was also used successfully by the air forces of friendly and allied countries during Anatolian Eagle military exercises. In 2008, HAVELSAN further enhanced EHTES’s capabilities with the integration of two new type air defence weapons and with radars.. The success of EHTES led to the Pakistan Air Forces choosing HAVELSAN to meet its needs in the fields of electronic warfare test and training. As a second example of HAVELSAN’s breaking into international markets with EHTES, in 2008, a proposal was submitted to the procurement offices of the Korean Republic to establish an EHTES in the country.
In the coming period, with the electronic warfare, testing, training and evaluation capabilities gained through EHTES, we aim to make additions to the EHTES concept and to develop new elements complementary to the EHTES’s belonging to the Turkish Air Forces and users abroad.

With the initiative of Peace Eagle project, we have set the HAVELSAN USA company in Seattle, USA. As BOEING’s subcontractor, we continues our activities in Ankara, Konya, Seattle (USA) and Brisbane (Australia) facilities. In this project, HAVELSAN is responsible for the ground support systems software and air platform software and has brought its system level analysis and design, hardware and software development and integrated logistical support skills to the highest possible level. As a result, the Peace Eagle Project team was awarded with the Excellence Award by the Joint Leadership Council. In addition, as a mark of the high level of our processes and quality, again in 2008, after the Boeing Quality System Compatibility audit, it was evaluated as being fully compatible with Boeing Quality System and received the BQMS (Boeing Quality Management System) Approval.

Defence Turkey: What are the capabilities, products and technological superiorities of Havelsan which has moved ahead and broken new grounds with the technology it developed in Turkish Defense Industry in both national and international platforms since the day it was established? In this respect, could you inform us about the programs and studies conducted?

HAVELSAN develops software intensive air and defense systems, naval combat systems in the scope of command control-communications-computer-intelligence-surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR). In addition to C4ISR, HAVELSAN develops simulation and training systems, turn key solutions for the requirements in the fields of energy management and homeland security systems, management information systems.

In C4ISR technologies, capabilities encompasses; Command & Control Information Systems
Combat Management Systems, Multisensor Data Fusion, Mission Computer Systems, Mission Planning Systems, Tactical Command & Control Systems, Operational Flight Program, Ground Support Systems, Mission Planning Systems system-system integration and system-platform integration.

HAVELSAN Simulation and Training Systems Group capabilities are Systems Engineering including requirement analysis, design, manufacturing, integration, verification and test, Platform modelling for both fixed, rotary wing and ground vehicles, Sensor simulation( Radar, sonar, EW, FLIR, Electro Optic/Infra Red etc.), Tactical environment modelling and simulation, Weapon system and ballistics modelling and simulation, OFP Drop-in and Mission Computer applications, Visual Database design and development, High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) applications for network centric warfare, Simulator upgrade applications and Contractor Logistic Support

Our, Naval Combat Systems Group works on the design, development and integration of command and control systems in the most part to meet the operational and defence needs of the Naval Forces Command and Coast Guard Command’s, under water, surface and air platforms and land-based facilities.
HAVELSAN became a leading company in Turkey in the field of Naval Combat Systems by successfully realizing the integration of Turkey’s one and only national Combat Management System and in particular with the projects awarded last year. The share of naval projects in HAVELSAN’s sales volume has risen continuously in recent years.
In 2008 the modernization of the 2nd and 3rd ships in the GENESIS project (covering a total of 8 ships) were completed and the ships delivered before the planned date, a rare event in naval projects. The specifications of GENESIS;
• Reduced Anti-Ship Missile Defence reaction time
• High-degree Combat System Automation
• Centralized Command and Control
• Modern CMS capabilities:
Situation Awareness, Decision Support, AAW, ASUW,
ASW, EW and NGS support, Better CIC Organization,
Reduction of crew
• Increased durability, high availability, configurability and
• On-board Training Capabilities
• Automatic Chaff Decoy Launching
• IFF Tracking
• Improved threat evaluation and weapon control
GENESIS was initiated by Turkish Navy on the ex perry class frigate and after development of the prototype by Turkish Navy, HAVELSAN was awarded with the contract for the application and integration of GENESIS to 8 frigates as modernization project. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with Raytheon to market GENESIS to modernize Combat Management Systems of Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates (FFG 7) in the international market.
MILGEM project, we are carrying out the project in partnership with ASELSAN to develop a prototype Underwater Defence Warfare and Reconnaissance Patrol Corvette. We will develop;
• GENESIS based Combat Management System
• Combat Management System Multifunction Operator
• Console and Cabinet Integration
• Ship Data Distribution and Time System
• Combat System Data and Video Network
• Message Handling System
• Ship Information System
• Torpedo Countermeasure System Integration in MILGEM program.

The New Type Patrol Boat is another of our major projects and is the first of boat of its kind constructed in a civilian dockyard. Contract was signed in 2008 with DEARSAN Shipyard and consists of 16 patrol boats. We are responsible for the integration of electronic and weapon systems, the necessary software and integrated logistical support activities. We are currently working on the design process of the project. We will develop;
• Command and Control System
• Combat System Engineering & Integration
• Navigation System
• Communication System
• Gun System Integration
• ILS Activities

In submarine programs, our capabilities cover;
•Development, Modification and Upgrade of Integrated
Underwater Command and Control System (IUCCS)
•Acoustic / Non-acoustic sensors IVVQ
•New Torpedo IVVQ
•Field services for IUCCS including Factory Acceptance
Test (FAT), Harbor Acceptance Test (HAT) and Sea
Acceptance (SAT) activities
•Establishment of Submarine Land Base Test Site (LBTS)
•Maintenance and Upgrade of Combat Management
System on LBTS
Sonar system technologies and underwater acoustics is rapidly changing from being hardware-based to being software-based, and it has become a field of technology whose importance is constantly increasing in the harbour security and underwater projects of our Naval Forces Command. We aim to broaden the range of our capabilities in defence industry projects by enriching our ongoing work in underwater acoustic signal processing fields in the scope of integrated underwater command and control systems and torpedo control systems development in underwater modernization and new type submarine projects.

In the last 10 years HAVELSAN has extended its worldwide presence from USA, Canada to Europe, Turkic Countries, Gulf Region, Pakistan and Republic of Korea with its state art of technologies and successful business models.

Defence Turkey: Would you give some information on HAVELSAN journey in simulation market?
Our success in simulation technologies started in 1996 and gained an acceleration 2001 and HAVELSAN grown gradually in simulator technologies with the operation, maintenance and modification of simulators and went on to become one of the few simulator producers in the world. Today HAVELSAN has the vital infrastructure for the design and production of simulators and is capable of producing any kind of simulator for both land and sea vehicles and fixed-wing and rotary-wing platform simulators. The capacity of the simulation centre was increased so that it can now produce six full-flight simulators at the same time. At the centre we produce full-flight simulators for flying platforms, full-mission simulators, partial mission flight simulators, instructor consoles, bridge simulators for sea platforms, submarine simulators, mission simulators and tank simulators. Furthermore, with DIS and HLA technologies, it is possible to give distributed training in the simulators. Today HAVELSAN has the capabilities to establish Integrated Training centres where all training needs can be met in one place.
Our products;
• Turn-key Flight training Centres
• Full Mission Simulators
• Full Flight Simulators
• Weapon System and Flight Training Simulators
• Land Platforms Simulators
• Sea Platforms Simulators
• Structural Simulation
• Mission Systems Training Simulators
• Maintenance Training Systems
• Computer Based Training Sets (BTES)
• Commercial Off-the-Shelf Solutions
• Performance based simulator operation, maintenance and repair services

Our quality and skills reached new heights with the CN-235 simulators developed for Turkish Armed Forces and Korean Republic Air Forces. With the ongoing HELSIM Helicopter Simulator Project, we became one of the three companies in the world that produce Helicopter Simulator with official Level D qualification.
As a part of the project;
• Two JAR.STD.1H.030 Level D, Sikorsky S-70A-28D/DSAR (Blackhawk) Helicopter Full Mission Simulators, one S-70A-28D partial mission simulator, two S-70A-28D/DSAR Computer based Training Systems, Tactical Control Centre, Training Management Information System, Database Modelling and Development System were developed for the Land Forces Command, and in the Army Aviation School Command-ANKARA facility, an integrated helicopter training Simulator centre was established,
• One JAR.STD.1H.030 Level D Sikorsky S-70B (Seahawk) Helicopter Full Mission Simulator, one S-70B Partial Mission Simulator, three S-70B Computer Based Training systems, Ground Control Station, Training Management Information System, Database Modelling and development System, Sensor Operator Trainer were developed for the Naval Forces Command, and at the Cengiz Topel Naval Aviation Base Command an integrated Helicopter Training Simulator Centre was established.

The facilities of the Helicopter Simulators Training Centres are, with a total area of 13,000m2, the largest and most comprehensive helicopter training centres in Europe, and are also among the top centres in the world.
Another export program is Artillery Forward Observer Training Simulator (TIGES), which was developed and delivered to the Pakistan Armed Forces.
In Turkey, we are working on and about to sign Cougar Simulator, T-38 Operational Flight Trainer, Basic Training Aircraft Simulator, New Attack Helicopter Simulator and F-16 Simulator projects.
At the journey we have started to serve Turkish Air Force, today, we have become a vital technology centre for our Naval Forces and Land Forces Command, and a global company in simulation market.

Mr. YARMAN, we wish HAVELSAN success in his journey to become and strength its position as a technology center and global team player.