The Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence System Project “Korkut” was Introduced at IDEF

Issue 45 - August 2013

The Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence System Project “Korkut” accomplished by Aselsan as the prime contractor and by FNSS as the sub-contractor has been introduced at IDEF. The weapon system of the platform was displayed at the Aselsan stand and the Command Control system was introduced to the participants of the fair at FNSS stand. Its amphibious capacity with the water jets it contains distinguishes Korkut from the similar armored combat vehicles. 

FNSS official Mr. Özgür Özgan spoke of the Low and Medium Altitude Air Defence Project “Korkut” to Defence Turkey. Özgan mentioned that FNSS Company was assigned to develop a tracked amphibious platform of 30 tons and said that mainly the ZMA infrastructure has been used in the system. Özgan noted that the system contained ZMA’s mine protection and armor features and added “One of the most essential criteria is the amphibious capability. The amphibious character requirement brings many restrictions of the design procedure of the tracked system of 30 tons. We had severe studies regarding this procedure”. Özgan mentioned that the amphibious capacity has been enabled by the water jets in this project and told that the previous tracked vehicles used their own tracks in order to float.