The MSPO Exhibition More Under the Banner of Important Meetings

Tarih: Issue 47 - November 2013

At this year’s 21st International Defence Industry Exhibition, almost 25,000 square metres of exhibition space was the showcase for 400 companies from 23 countries. Exhibitors represented Italy, Spain, Canada, Turkey, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic, the USA etc. This year’s show attracted 13,000 visitors who had a chance to admire a digital battle field, the soldier of the future, the MG-20 driving simulator equipped with the Barko night vision system in addition to a whole array of technological novelties. 

Over the twenty years of its existence; since 1993, the International Defence Industry Exhibition has acquired and confirmed the status of Central Europe’s most important event of this kind; it also the continent’s third largest military show. MSPO is a global-scale expo as it brings together guests from all corners of the world.