The new RENK Multifunctional Test Facility for Propulsion Systems and Components was Launched

Tarih: Issue 68 - June 2016 Güncelleme: June 27, 2016

In the beginning of 2016 one of the biggest and most modern test facilities in Europe for gear units was put into operation at the RENK AG headquarters in Augsburg. Whether for the shipbuilding, automobile or industrial sector: The multifunctional test facility is especially suitable for the testing of prototypes or special equipment. The 40 x 60m building with a height of 20m was never destined to be used for testing only the special gearboxes and propulsion systems produced by RENK. It is also available for external producers of propulsion systems or propulsion components. The test facility offers the highest performance: It allows for example for a power capacity of up to 12 megawatt at 10 revolutions per minute and can take a torque of up to 11 million Nm. Around 100,000 liters of oil are available for testing the equipment. The cooling system contains about. 300,000 liters of water. The pumping capacity alone is 1,450m³/h. There are 10 motors integrated into the test facility which can be used as generators and in a bidirectional way as well. Due to their variable configuration they can be used in testing combinations. The smart mechanical facilities allow for the testing even of complex and high volume propulsion systems with short installation or set-up times.

The test facility is built as a multifunctional test bed and designed to test a multitude of parameters on different loads. The testing installations are set up in a way so that propulsion systems can be tested. Testing of the complete ship propulsion systems including power switching station, frequency converter, compensation plant, motor, gearbox at low or medium voltage in every configuration can be easily handled.