The President of Turkey GUL opened Tuzla Plant of Kale Aerospace

Giri? yaz?s? Kale Aerospace opened its new plant worth a total of $50 million in Tuzla with a ceremon

Issue 13 - December 2008

The opening ceremony of Kale Aero started with the inaugural speech of ?brahim Bodur; Honorary Chairman of Kale Group Companies. ?brahim Bodur stated that the 21st century is the century of technology and Kale Group strategically made some investments focused on technology i in recent years. “One of the most important investment is Kale Aero and this is the third investment of Kale Group in Free Zones” said Bodur.

Later on, the President of Kale Technical and Chemical Group; Osman Okyay made a speech and said that Kale will begin the production F-35 wings, bodies and engines and the only private aerospace company with 100 percent of its shares owned by domestic investorr. “Kale has transformed its ability to process sensitive metals for the aerospace sector through the production of parts for F-35s” he added

He informed the participants about Kale Aero’s activities said : ‘ The real investments of our company are its 400.000 man-hour engineering activities, business development activities by cooperating with the world’s biggest companies and AS 9100 Quality System.

Abdullah Gül; The President of Turkey, in his speech at the opening ceremony said that Mr ?brahim Bodur is one of the oldest industrialists in Turkey and the Kale Group of which initial activities started in the ceramic industry has since then proceeded to surpass its activities in many other industry fields. President Gül further highlighted that the Kale Group is the first company to use high technology and industrial robots in and additionally claimed that this group is expected to operate predictably in an aerospace industry that requires high-level technology and congratulated them for their achievements.

President Gül reminded that the aviation industry started in 1927 in Turkey, and an aircraft plant was founded in Kayseri in the same year. President Gül said that after the World War II, Turkey’s activities in this field slowed down and Turkey subsequently abandoned its activities in the field, even though it had had aviation industry experience in the past that had globally competed in the field, and made considerable progress in the formative period.

He further expressed the view that it is not too late to re-commence work: Turkey has made good progress in this field although it is considerably late and it is not easy to operate in the defence and aviation industry.

“The establishment of a plant which has all these capabilities, is strategically important” said the President Gül and added, “Recently, the know-how in the defence industry is increasing, the defence industry is growing stronger and the external dependency is being started to be reduced. It is not easy to operate in defence and aviation industries; it requires a strong will and politically responsible decisions. Today, we delightfully witness that Turkey is establishing a strong defence industry.”

President Gül stated that they are aware of the fact regarding working with high tech without an error. He added that the number of companies such as Kale Aero should be increased and should be supported to develop their international cooperation

The Minister of Defence Vecdi Gönül said during the opening ceremony of Kale’s Tuzla facility that it has not just been the companies with shares in the Foundation to Strengthen the Turkish Armed Forces (TSKGV), but also private sector companies that have begun to play a significant role in the creation of a national aviation infrastructure

The Undersecretary of Defence Industries; Murat Bayar stated that Turkish companies proved themselves and their quality in significant projects and consequently, their share is growing on an almost daily-basis. Kale Aero is just one of these companies.

The Vice President of the Missile and Missile Defence Department of Lockheed Martin, Ron Abbot stated that since they have commenced to working with Kale Aero, they feel as assured of satisfaction, as if they were being served from Lockheed Martin locally, even though the Kale Group operates in six thousand kilometers away. Martin added that Kale Group’s perfectionist approach and mentality perfectly matches Lockheed Martin’s and therefore they are really pleased with these developments and announced they are planning to cooperate with Kale Group in significant projects

Kale Aero is the subcontractor of Joint Strike Fighter Project F-35, one of the most significant projects of the world. Manufacturing body, wing and winglet spare parts, Kale Aero also manufactures sub systems of existing high pressure compressor in F135 program, the engine program of F-35, and engine exhaust winglets.

Having a long-term cooperation with Boeing, the leading company of US aerospace sector, Kale Aero is to make body and wing parts for Boeing for 10 years within the scope of a package including 800 different parts.

Kale Group which made considerable investments within the last five years in one of the most difficult and critical sectors, successfully represents Turkey in many international projects.

Some of these projects are;

The production of the parts of the missile systems of GMLRS and ATACMS of Lockheed Martin; the biggest defence industry firm in international arena is being successfully held by Kale Aero since 1997. Kale Aero became the only Star Supplier of Lockheed Martin that is located out of the US among 900 sub suppliers in 2004

Kale Aero managed to participate in Boeing 787 project which has the reputation of being the first passenger plane that has a composite body, during the design phase. Kale Aero produces the parts of the horizontal stabilizers at the back tail of the plane within this project.

In the F35 Joint Strike Fighter Project which is the world’s biggest defence industry project that is conducted and directed by a consortium of nine countries; six European countries, Canada, Australia and leaded by the US, Kale Aero has become one of the most important partners. Kale Group succeeded in realizing the production of 80 different part numbers and made a delivery of 360 pieces since today. Kale Aero is the only Turkish company which’s manufactured parts put into the first model of AA-1 aircraft that had a test flight last year.