The Rise of the Modern Army Artificial Intelligence and Robots

STM, an affiliate of the Under

Issue 64

STM issued a sector report on the worldwide developments regarding robots, artificial intelligence and automation issues and their existing stance in Turkey. STM’s General Manager Davut Yılmaz said, “The robotic technology sector, mainly dominated by the Far East countries and USA, bears great importance in commercial sense as well as in respect of strategic aspects. The robots we have been spotting merely in sci-fi movies are now being used in many areas consisting of automotive industry, aviation, medical industry and in the defence sector”.

1.7 million Robots will be sold

In the report issued by the STM, the expected number worldwide of robot sales, by the end of the year 2016,volume was declared as 1.7 million according to the data of the International Federation of Robotics – IFR. As stated by the IFR statistics, 70 percent of worldwide robotic system sales are accomplished in Japan, China, USA, Korea and Germany. 

In the report, it was noted that acquiring a capacity focused on development and production would be possible through the establishment of an efficient academic and industrial infrastructure in addition toscience and technology policy management to be established with the active coordination of all shareholders of the sector.

War systems becoming unmanned

Drawing the attention to the increase of the utilization of robotic technologies and artificial intelligence in military areas, the following statements were made: “The most important example of the military application of robotic technologies is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), the usage of which increased in the last twenty years. It has been observed that the usage of the UAVs and unmanned ground systems (UGS) are being preferred by an increasing number of countries, so much that now the unmanned systems radically altered the doctrine, strategy and tactics of the armies and security forces and became essential in determining the execution methods and strategies of the combats. Moreover, production of unmanned systems is being conducted by more and more countries due to the convenience of access to technological items especially to the information and communication technologies (ICT) and their low costs.One of the archetypes of the usage of self-determining machines in military areas is the guided bomb and missile systems. The wars have become operable from more and more remote distances on account of increasing ranges and accuracy of the smart ammunition. Nowadays, the long-range guided missiles that can be fired either from air, naval or land platforms are capable of determining the most convenient route, altitude and speed for reaching the target and are also able to auto-conduct their manoeuvres for evasive action in order to eliminate the enemy. The decrease in the size of processors and sensors with the developments in ICT area availed the proliferation of the smart ammunition to a degree that they could be used in the weapons of the infantry”.

In the report expressing the major initiatives launched particularly in the last twenty years in the area of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) as a natural outcome of the developments in ICT sector, it is noted that consequently the usage of the artificial intelligence increased in the decision support, planning and operation processes of the military, civilian and commercial applications.

Artificial Intelligence application increasing in Command Control Software

The report underlining the fact that the Artificial Intelligence has been taken into usage in various aspects in military area continues as follows: “The reconnaissance, surveillance and attack platforms, the unmanned aerial vehicles being in the first place, on which the artificial intelligence is applied are used as nominal weapon systems in combat fields. In addition to autonomous decision making and applying capabilities, the sensor systems becoming lighter and reinforced with more capabilities increased especially the utilization of unmanned ground, air and naval systems.The unmanned systems, especially the unmanned aerial vehicles, the environmental circumstances in both strategic, tactical or operative levels, and friendly or foe identification are being used in achieving the situational awareness.The combination and evaluation of the data collected by sensor systems in various qualities compose a joint picture. The volume of the collected data boosted the utilization of command control software supported with artificial intelligence during the data processing and decision making processes”.

Coordination of all stakeholders is Crucial for Effective Counter Defence Innitiatives

The following critical details are mentioned in the conclusion of the reports: “These developments will be reflected in the availability of hastier and more fruitful operations with fewer personnel in military areas. On the other hand, the swift change in the quality and quantity of national security threats entailed the possession of quick and efficient planning, decision making and execution capabilities in the establishment of the counter defence mechanisms. This transformation is achievable through the command – control systems supported by the artificial intelligence. Therefore the artificial intelligence and robotic technologies becoming the backbone of the smart armies of the twenty first century is inevitable”.