The SSB Organizes Technology Sharing Day

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Technology Sharing Day organized by the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) was held on the topic of “Global Positioning System Autonomous Navigation and Locating” on 15th November.

At the event organized with the participation of the SSB, procurement authorities and companies, information was exchanged on various complementary acquisitions made regarding Global Positioning System Autonomous Navigation and Locating technologies within the scope of Development of Resource Management Algorithms in the Cognitive Radio Network and Test Simulator Project (KAYA) and the Multi-Dimensional Radio Communication Signal Analysis Platform Project (KAŞİF) that were initiated by the SSB.  In the completion process of these projects the newly launched Global Positioning System Autonomous Navigation System Development Project (KERKES), Project on Autonomous Exploration, Guidance and Navigation with Collaborative Robots (ROBOTİM) and Artificial Intelligence Assisted Fire Control and Autonomous Driving Project for Land Vehicles (KARAGÖZ).

With this event, awareness was raised in the sector on this matter and R&D project outputs were shared with end-users and integrator companies.