The Underwater Acoustic Laboratory Opening Ceremony

The Underwater Acoustic Laboratory, which has a crucial significance for Turkish Defence Industry, was completed within the frame of the project being implemented by TUB

Issue 10

Within the scope of MILGEM project being implemented by SSM, the studies for the National Sonar System Production and Integration Project was initiated on 8th August 2006.
It is aimed that the National Sonar System to be developed within the scope of the Project will be installed to and integrated with the prototype MILGEM vessel, which will be constructed in Turkey for the first time from design to production stage.
Within this scope, the sea units of the National Sonar System are developed by TUBITAK MAM and inner vessel units are developed by the Turkish Naval Forces Command – ARMERKOM.
Making underwater acoustic tests in the Underwater Acoustic Laboratory of the prototype, which is being developed, is one of the objectives of the project.
With the successful completion of the project, the development of national sonar system in Turkey for the first time and mass-production of the national sonar system prototype will be accomplished. Besides, a laboratory to enable underwater acoustic evaluation and measurement will be acquired. The needs of our Naval Forces Command in this field will be met by TUBİTAK for 30 years without any charge and the operation right of the said Laboratory will belong to TUBİTAK. The know-how to be acquired by this study is planned to be utilized for several Research & Development and main system projects being currently carried out by the Undersecretariat of Defence. For example, the acoustic measurement and tests within the frame of the Underwater Telephony Development Project, which is currently being developed and is one of the MİLGEM Research & Development projects, will be performed at the Underwater Acoustic Laboratory.