The world’s first Lightweight Airborne Surveillance Radar, Providing a 360-degree Field of View with no Moving Parts

Analysis by Defence Turkey 5 years ahead of competitors, Leonardo Finmeccanica introduces the state-of-the-art Osprey surveillance radar - A Compliment to a long-standing Successful family of Airborne Surveillance Radars.

Issue 68 - June 2016

A first look at the Osprey radar was given to members of the press at the product launch in London, England, on May 3rd, 2016, by Fabrizio Boggiani, Marketing & Sales Lead for the Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems Division and Brendan Nolan, Vice President Sales - Radar & Advanced Targeting for the Leonardo Airborne & Space Systems Division. Defence Turkey Magazine presented in the press event.  

Leonardo, previously known as Finmeccanica, recently celebrated the launch of new radar from the Airborne & Space Systems division.   The company made significant investments in the e-scan market approximately 10 years ago with the Seaspray - Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) products, which have resulted in a substantial step forward in technology that now provides radars with the ability to be more versatile. Sales have increased across the globe, from previously having been fitted on a few helicopters and a few fixed wings, to everything now from large and small aircrafts, aerostats and even unmanned platforms. The success of e-scan and the opportunities gained with electronically scanned radars are significant; resulting in not having pressurized wave guides, eliminating some of the technical challenges related to the installation of radars.  These radars can be mounted much more easily.  They are certainly a bit more expensive than m-scan, however the list of benefitting options and gained advantages are well worth it.