The Year’s Innovation Product is from Aselsan

New Era in Public Security and Emergency Communication

Issue 41 - March 2013

Aselsan 4900 Atlas Handheld Radio, which was awarded with an "Innovation Product Reward" by the Turkish Electronics Industry Association (TESİD) within the scope of 2012 Innovation and Creativity Awards, denounces a new era in Public Security and Emergency Communication.

Faik Eken, Aselsan Vice President & CEO of Communications and IT Division, said that 4900 Atlas handheld radio is an innovative and creative product and this award fully describes this product. "We brought together the communication and information technology in Atlas. There is a colour graphic screen on the radio. The user is automatically informed on the geographical position through the radio. In other words, the radio shows its user where he is. The radio also has a direction finding feature. The information centre is able to continuously monitor the coordinates of the team using such radio. Our new product fulfils many radio functions solely with data applications." said Eken and continued: "In recent years, the digital applications using advanced technologies in the field of Public Security and Emergency Communication are becoming widespread in our country. The experiences have proven out the challenge to ensure maintainability and sustainability of the systems purchased as a package from foreign countries especially in emergency cases and disasters cases. Aselsan systems are developed by Turkish engineers and the know-how as well as the required man-power to maintain such systems in emergency cases are available in our country. We are proud to give maintenance and repair support to the products within hours regardless of where they are in Turkey."