Those Leaving a Mark on the Development of Industry in Turkey ‘‘Selâhattin Reşit Alan’’

Issue 60

In  this article, my elderly colleague Aeroplane Engineer Selâhattin Reşit  Alan; who has left deep marksin the industrial  development in Turkey, having a separate importance as of the reasons of being the first example in my profession in the Republic of Turkey, having started the profession similarly like me (as a member of the Air Force) and as having same initial assignment at the same factory  (Eskişehir Aeroplane Repair Shop ; 1st Air Supply and Maintenance Center in its current name) as me and who was also included in my previous studies “Mühürdarzade Mehmet Nuri Demirağ” and “Turkish Aeroplane Society and the Aeroplane Engineering Students and Trainee Mechanics Sent to Europe”; has realized in our national aviation industry and the thoughts and proposals caused as its effects are included.

Selâhattin Reşit Efendi born in the Prilep city in Macedonia in the year 1901 (Hijri 1319) has been among the group sent abroad for education by the Turkish Aeroplane Society (T.Ta.C) to get educated as the first Aeroplane Engineers of the Republic of Turkey and has been the first aeroplane engineer to return to the country as a military brevetted pilot.