Tibet Makina: Preference of the World Giants

Issue 61 - May 2015

Tibet Makina, established by Temuçin Arbak in İzmir in the year 1970, produced spare parts for the automotive, land and leather sectors during the first years of its establishment. In the forthcoming periods, it served the heavy machine industry. It became the supplier of important firms of the sector like Asmaş, BMC, Çukurova Çelik, İzmir Demir Çelik, Ege Endüstri, Ege Fren, Çukurova İthalat, Metaş, Çimentaş.  

When it was during the years with the 80s with the production of its first excavator, it began producing tower slewing rings where there was no production in Turkey of them in those years. It also supplied an important amount of tower slewing rings to amusement park, the new sector of those years, machines.  In accordance to the increasing demands it shifted its investments to this line.