TRNAV: Türkiye’s GPS Independent Positioning and Timing System

Tarih: Issue 124 - July 2023

Navigation is the ability to determine position, orientation and velocity relative to a known reference point. Humankind’s desire to travel from point A to point B has been the driving force behind developing systems/tools to navigate accurately and safely. In addition to position, time information is also crucial in many applications ranging from location-based services to autonomous platforms. Since the deployment of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites by the US in 1970s, GPS has been the most employed and ubiquitous source for position and time information. However, the weak satellite signals and well-known signal structure renders the GPS vulnerable to intentional or unintentional interference. In recent years, as unmanned systems have become widespread and are increasingly included in military operational concepts, electronic attacks on satellite navigation signals have increased. Hence, all global satellite navigation signals, especially GPS, are under the increasing threat of intense jamming. Hence, supporting resilient operation of GNSS against such threats, e.g., anti-jam systems, and GPS/GNSS independent navigation technologies have become more important. 

TUALCOM has been developing state-of-the-art, high-performance and competitive RF-Microwave and Communications solutions since 2013. TUALCOM’s product range spans over various domains in the fields of RF Microwave Communications technology with more than 100 different field/battle proven solutions for GPS/GNSS Anti-jam CRPA, Data Link, Telemetry, Data Acquisition and Data Recording, Flight Termination, Electronic Warfare and 5G Communication Systems that have been deployed on thousands of platforms to meet a wide range of challenging requirements. Amongst these solutions, TUALCOM’s 2, 4 and 8 element CRPA based Anti-Jam Systems have been at the forefront of battle against jamming and spoofing providing resilient PNT to hundreds of different manned/unmanned land, air and maritime platforms.