In line with the Supreme Council

Issue 7 - January 2008

In line with the Supreme Council of Science and Technology decision to gradually increase the R&D/GNP ratio to the EU level of 2% in 2010, significant amounts from the national budget have been allocated to R&D activities starting from year 2005, to be used in coordination with TÜBITAK. One of the top priority areas supported
by TÜBITAK is defense and aerospace research, where both Ministry of National Defense and
Undersecretariat for Defense Industries conduct a large number of system-correlated R&D projects.
Within the scope of the Defense R&D projects determined in coordination with the General Staff, Ministry of National Defense, Armed Forces
Commands and Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, SSM is in charge of 30 projects belonging to 2005, and 10 projects initiated in 2006. These projects are carried out by SSM under three-party contracts in compliance with Turkish Armed Forces technical requirements, signed between SSM, TÜBITAK and the project contractors selected by SSM among universities,
companies and research institutions. Referred to as “The Customer”, SSM undertakes the obligation to utilize the project outcome, whereas the financing of the project is realized by TÜBITAK.
The TÜBITAK funded projects under SSM responsibility are grouped into the 4 priority areas predetermined by SSM, namely “System Integration”, “Network, Information, Satellite,
Sensor Systems”, “Electronic Warfare” and “Missile, Guidance, Control”. Within the ramework of “IDEF Turkey 2007-8th International
Defence Industry Fair” activities the following projects were signed on 24th May 2007.