Building of Turkiye Technology Center (TTC) that was founded by TEI and GE Aviation, opened on June 18, 2009 with the attendance of Minister of National Defense Mr. Vecdi Gon

Issue 17 - June 2009

In November 2007, TEI and GE Aviation (USA) announced the establishment of the mutual engineering initiative Türkiye Technology Center (TTC), which will position Turkey as an advance technology center. In TTC, which was started in February 2008 in the temporary office located at TUBITAK Marmara Research Centre Technological Free Zone at Gebze - Kocaeli, TEI and GE engineers are carrying out design and development work for commercial and military engines of GE Aviation. These parts are used to power the most demanded commercial aircrafts of Boeings, Airbus, and of course for the military ones. Participation on new generation aircraft engines are increasing day by day. Along with aircraft and helicopter engines, TEI also supports GEA with gas turbine parts used for industrial purposes and to power ships.

Through TTC, that was founded based on successful collaboration of GE and TEI in the past, TEI’s strategic partnership position with GE is strengthened by this work on the F136 Engine which is conducted by the GE – Rolls-Royce Engine team for Joint Strike Fighter Aircraft (JSF). Within this scope the design engineers share design responsibilities for F136 engine components via work packages belonging to System Development and Demonstration Phase activities.

Also in TEI’s facilities at Eskisehir a high number of complex parts are produced for advanced military and commercial aircraft engines including critical parts for F136 engine. Throughout the F136 program, work share which is foreseen for TEI will reach to a level of 3 Billion Dollars.

In his speech, TEI General Manager Ak?n Duman emphasized that “Within the scope of TTC project, which is also a significant milestone for R&D activities in Turkish Aviation Industry, TEI has a big role in new technology design and development for components used on commercial and military GE engines”. He also expressed that; ”The new engineering capabilities created for design, manufacturing, quality and repair technologies within TTC, carry TEI to a position of being a partner that designs and develops technology for GE Aviation.

Duman also mentioned that TTC will continue growing to 240 engineers in the upcoming years and provide engineering services to GE with a trend of increasing volume and variety. He added that; “Today TEI, has the manufacturing capability to produce almost all parts of an engine and came to the point where TEI can compete with leading companies in the world. The technological gains and development activities for turbo engines used in aviation will continue. With all these TEI has been getting closer to its target for creating a permanent aircraft engine industry in our country.” Mr. Duman noted that in his speech ” TEI has taken significant achievements in last 3 years. In 2008, TEI has reached to a total sale of 310 million US dollars of which 170 million US dollars was export. Being the sole source for many parts it manufactures, TEI’s product variety presented a great improvement through the years. TEI has been manufacturing parts for military and commercial engine programs with more than 560 configuration parts. “

He also furnished the participants about the agreement between GE and TEI on Blisk-Spool manufacturing technology. He said “ TEI broke ground by signing an agreement with its partner GE for acquiring Blisk-spool manufacturing technology in the way to become a complete engine manufacturer. The project shall be realized by using state of the art manufacturing technologies which are used in aviation arena in the world; TEI shall become one of the few companies that own the technology in this area.
Under the scope of the project, between the years of 2010-2021, 511 Million USD worth of business volume is expected. With 511 Million Dollars additional business volume, as a result of the said signed agreement throughout JSF F136 engine program, the foreseen business volume for TEI will reach to 2.9 Billion USD levels.”

GE Aviation Vice President (Engineering) Jeanne M Rosario said, “We are excited about our joint relationship with TEI and look forward to developing together, key technologies that will make our engines cleaner, quieter and more competitive.”

GE Turkey General Manager Kür?at Özkan made the following statement:
“We established an aircraft engine factory with a high technology 25 years ago with a cooperation of TEI. Today our cooperation is strengthened with “design and development” capabilities and technological knowledge. Therefore Turkey becomes a significant technology center in terms of aviation capabilities.”