Turkey Delayed to Order F-35 Joint Strike Fighter

Issue 41

Turkey that has been participating as a consortium member in Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Project since 1999 in order to meet New Generation Strike Fighter need of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) had decided to give order of 2 F-35A fighters in 2012 first meeting of Defence Industry Executive Committee. However due to the cost increases in JSF Project, order delays by USA and other joint countries as well as poor development of F-35 fighter’s capacity to manoeuvre, Turkey decided to delay its order once again so as to reconsider it in 2014.

In the written statement made by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries, it is stated that Turkey will continue its activities in the JSF Project, in which it is a participating member, and the procurement of 100 F-35A fighters, which had previously been planned, will not be affected.