Turkey Discusses Airworthiness Certification for Indigenous Air Platforms

In the Indigenous Air

Issue 65 - February 2016

STM General Manager Mr. Davut Yılmaz made the opening remark of the event organized again by STM and stated that the certification issue that stood for “airworthiness” in aviation was still regarded as a problem and added that they have been taking concrete steps to overcome this issue. Mr. Yılmaz said, “Vecihi Hürkuş built his own aircraft through his own resources and managed to fly it approximately eighty years ago. Then he applied to the relevant authority known as the ministry of economy for the certification of that aircraft. The ministry declined his approval for there were not enough personnel capable of coping with the technical capabilities of the aircraft and Hürkuş had to go to former Czechoslovakia. Thus, the certificate was granted by the Czechoslovakian authorities before Turkey. Actually, this problem has not been solved since the Vecihi Hürkuş’ case. Despite the last 85 years, we are still regarding certification as an issue and discussing it. On this very point, we have to initially criticize ourselves as a country; from the private sector to governmental organizations, from universities to private training centers. We may use the deceleration, halt and sometimes retardation of the developments in aviation during the last 85 years as an answer to the criticisms. Yet, the developments in this area, especially in the last ten years, give us no excuses. A little time is remaining regarding the numerous aerospace platforms such as the regional aircraft project that started recently, or is about to start soon, the Indigenous Fighter Jet Project, “Anka” and Hürkuş” and the eco-system of the private sector, government and universities have to take immediate and concrete actions to this end. Actually, the term ‘concrete steps’ is the keyword here”.

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