Turkey- Germany Defence Industry Cooperation

Lately, Turkey has had to suspend its defence expenses (direct purchase and/or consider

Issue 12 - October 2008

On the other hand, in the case of integration of the defence sector with other industrial sectors, the values to be added especially with the involvement of International Cooperation, Research and Development, Offset opportunities, and technological cooperation, will be shared between the civil and defence sectors, and the high technology used will also be an impulse for sectors targeting civilian production.

Studies to benefit from the current opportunities and capabilities of the Turkish defence industry, to satisfy the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces in a speedy, reliable and economical way, to establish a structure that leads our defence industry into the 21st century, to increase the resources, time and personnel utilization to an optimum level, have been continuing, especially within “bilateral” defence industry cooperation activities.

As mentioned above, within the framework of the determined principles and policies, “Defence Industry Cooperation” bilateral activities with our allies have been progressing intensively at the highest level. “Turkey-Germany Defence Industry Cooperation” is one of the most important activities of all.

“Mutual confidence” is the basis of an efficient cooperation both in bilateral trade relations and other aspects of bilateral relations. It gains a much more crucial importance in defence industry relations. Practices aimed at keeping the overall relations between Turkey and Germany on a constructive ground will undoubtedly enrich the current relations and accelerate efforts among the German and Turkish defence industry companies to carry out cooperative projects in various related fields.

As is already known, the bilateral defence industry relations of Turkey-Germany started in the 1960s, yet it has reached today’s large volume with the introduction of “cooperation projects” from 1990 onwards. Within the context of defence aid granted in accordance with 1960s international speculation, a broad range of German equipment was introduced into the Turkish Armed Forces inventory. Such equipment has taken on an important role in Turkey’s national security in addition to the establishment and maintenance of regional and global stabilization efforts.

In short, there are important “cooperation” opportunities for German companies to build with Turkish defence industry companies, in bilateral projects and/or in NATO/EU oriented international projects. These opportunities should be designed considering the Turkish Armed Forces needs, ongoing projects such as the Air-independent Submarine Project, and newly planned projects in the forthcoming period (http://www.ssm.gov.tr).

In conclusion, cooperating for collective R&D, production, and marketing that fulfils the needs of both the Turkish internal market and the “Turkish Hinterland” that is establishing recently in the field of defence industry, will be beneficial for both countries’ and their firms’ common interests in the medium and long term.