Turkey Launches Eurasia Airshow

The first signing was accomplished with the British for the organization with $ 10 billion business volumes.

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

Farnborough International Limited (FIL) CEO Mr. Shaun Ormrod and Medyacity CEO Mr. Hakan Kurt signed the Letter of Intention on the cooperation for Turkey’s first aviation based event Eurasia Air show at the Farnborough International Air show and Trade Fair in London.

 With the Eurasia Air show, which will take place in Antalya on 25 – 28 April 2018, with the support of the Turkish government and under the auspices of the Medyacity and with the consultancy of FIL, the development of business volume valued at $10 billion in civilian, commercial and military aviation sectors through a focus on the Eurasian economic region.