Turkey’s Center of Innovation - Teknopark Istanbul

Issue 91 - May 2019

Teknopark Istanbul is a technology development zone established next to the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, under the consolidated partnership of the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) for enabling both local and international entrepreneurs to contribute to Turkey’s technology development capacity. Teknopark Istanbul is one of the most critical stages of the Advanced Technology and Industrialization Park (ITEP) Project founded over an area of 1,300 hectares also containing the Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Turkey’s Innovation Center Teknopark Istanbul involves local and international high technology companies and hosts local and national companies taking part in leading R&D projects of the defence industry such as the ALTAY Tank, ANKA UAV, ATAK Helicopter and especially in the maritime sector the MILGEM Corvette, LHD Amphibious Assault Ship.

Teknopark Istanbul to Take Part in IDEF with 6 Defence Industry Companies

Teknopark Istanbul is preparing to attend the 14th IDEF International Defence Industry Fair which will take place on 30 April – 3 May 2019 at the Istanbul TÜYAP Congress and Event Center with its leading high technology and engineering companies such as Asartech, Avikon, Electra, Inores, Milpower and SEFT.

We’ve examined the aforementioned six companies performing activities under the auspices of Istanbul Teknopark for you.

SEFT - Design and Engineering Contribution to Military Vessel Projects in Various Classes and Sizes 

Conducting its activities under the auspices of Teknopark Istanbul, SEFT was established in 2001 to provide “Design and Engineering Services” in the Maritime Sector. The company is directed by four founding partners and has a dynamic staff of 50 people composed of engineers and technicians who are experts in their fields. With this team SEFT is capable of providing design and engineering services to its customers in merchant, special – purpose and military vessels, in all stages starting from “concept design” to the final delivery of the vessel. SEFT is able to meet the vessel demands of various classes and capabilities, ranging from the 17-meter Boat class to 200-meter Command Control Vessel or the 90-meter Open Sea Service Ship.

Until 2008 since its establishment in 2001, SEFT has accomplished the design of many Merchant Vessels in various types and tonnage in parallel with the development of the Ship Construction Industry. Presently, over 100 merchant and special- purpose vessels designed by SEFT are continuing to operate at sea, across the world.

Having decided to take part in defence industry projects toward increasing domestic participation in addition to designing merchant ships since 2008, SEFT initially designed five Fast Patrol Boats in 2009 and then completed the construction of these vessels in 2010 and delivered them to the government of Romania.

SEFT Assumes Design and Engineering Services for TCG ALEMDAR, TCG IŞIN and TCG AKIN

SEFT-designed projects won the tender for the Submarine Rescue Main Vessel and the Search and Rescue Ship launched regarding the demands of our Naval Forces by the Presidency of Defence Industries in June 2010. All design and engineering activities of the ships were accomplished by SEFT and they were named as TCG ALEMDAR, TCG IŞIN and TCG AKIN. The acceptance of the vessels was completed, and they were included in the inventory of the Naval Forces Command. Meanwhile, a SEFT-designed project also won the tender launched for Turkey’s first three-dimensional Seismic Research Ship in 2011. All design and engineering activities of the MTA Oruç Reis Ship was conducted by SEFT as well and MTA Oruç Reis was delivered to MTA (General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration) last year. Moreover, the design and engineering services as part of the modernization of five SAR33 Class Boats of our Coast Guard Command was also accomplished by SEFT.

SEFT, focusing on export activities to maintain the sustainability of the companies active especially in the Defence Industry played a crucial role in the “HTMS Matra” – Fleet Replenishment Vessel built in Thailand and it was delivered to the Thailand Navy in 2014.

SEFT also assumes critical responsibilities in the supply project of the Fleet Replenishment Vessel (DIMDEG) planned to be delivered to the Naval Forces Command within 58 months in line with the contract signed on 28 June 2018 regarding the Defence Industry. Within the scope of the Half Life Modernization Project of the BARBAROS Class Frigate, the contract of which was signed this year, SEFT will be conducting the design, analysis and 3D Modelling activities.

SEFT - Powership Floating Power Plant Design and Engineering 

In addition to the aforementioned projects, one of the most critical brands generated by our country is the Floating Power Plant known as “Powership”. The design and engineering activities of the 2 Floating Power Plant projects that are the world’s greatest power ships with a generation capacity of 450MWs are being conducted by SEFT as well. Including these two power ships, SEFT has a total of 11 Floating Power Plants in its portfolio. Besides the maritime industry, the company is providing engineering services to its customers in the Power Plant project expected to be completed this year in Guinea.

Aiming to increase its exports with its technologic experiences, qualified staff and R&D activities as well as the value added products it develops in the medium and long term, SEFT also provides consultancy and support on various areas and concept designs to the TAIS Consortium performing activities in the military ship building sector particularly in the defence industry and heading towards the international market, to the foundation companies and governmental institutions to this end.

Asartech Executes RF and Microwave Module and System Design 

Asartech will participate in the IDEF event under the auspices of Teknopark Istanbul and is conducting production in embedded sensor technologies capable of transmitting numerous data ranging from location information to personal life data, even to developments regarding the operation conducted, to the control and decision centers via wireless communication. 6 Engineers, 1 Technician are employed at Asartech’s Headquarters at Teknopark Istanbul and R&D Design Laboratory, 4 Engineers and 2 Technicians are employed at the R&D Design Laboratory of the company at Hacettepe Teknokent. The company has consultants composed of academicians from METU, ITU, Sabancı University and Aegean University and a highly qualified team proceeding with cooperation in the areas of Hardware Testing (Print, Typesetting, and Mechanics), Remote Controlled and Autonomous Platforms, Software (Simulation Modeling).

In addition to the Identification of Additional Requirements regarding Naval Platform Dynamic Positioning System Error Proofing and Accident Preventing, Development of Micro Tools – Filter Design and Frequency Programming Software Modules, the company is active in Maritime Transportation Vehicles and Open Sea Structures in addition to other Transportation and Defence Platforms. The Multi Frequency Wireless Micro Sensor Network monitoring, tracking and reporting the individuals and equipment such as staff, passengers, loads, devices and equipment was indigenously designed with its hardware and software as a security communication system. The platform tests of the two prototypes are composed of one military shipyard and one small scaled Defence Platform continue.

MilPower Defence Systems Manufactures the Cooling Fans of the Power Packs

One of the companies of Teknopark Istanbul active in the defence industry, Milpower, mainly executes the project of the indigenous design and production of the cooling fans of the high horsepower power packs used in military vehicles. The aforementioned cooling fans are currently being imported. Conducting its activities at two different centers - Istanbul Teknopark and Bilkent Cyberpark - Milpower Defence Systems is executing the assembly and test activities at the facilities located in Tuzla, Istanbul. The company is capable of conducting the fan performance test in line with the “Air Movement and Control Association” (AMCA) 210 standard at this facility as well. In addition to its activities with companies such as BMC Power, TUSAŞ and FNSS, having successfully completed all the verification tests of the TAYFUN and KASIRGA fans in accordance with the MIL-STD-810 standard, Milpower Defence Systems launched the mass production process within the scope of the SSB projects. The company is carrying out the new generation fan project that it has been developing as part of the Main Battle Tank’s serial production as well.

Electra Providing Air Electronics Equipment - D0-254 Compatibility Design and Verification Services to Customers

Established in 2014, Electra currently conducts its activities with 20 employees both at its headquarters in Istanbul Teknopark and at the branch office at Ankara Hacettepe Teknokent. The company works for the development of the project for the establishment UVM/SystemVerilog based test system to be used for testing the data bus communication protocols use in avionic electronic systems as part of the critical components list of the Presidency of Defence Industries. Electra also provides the design security guide that identifies the methods to be followed by the companies developing electronic hardware for avionic equipment and design and verification services regarding D0-254 to its local and international customers.

Electra also provides training for ASIC/FPGA via its solution partners. The training is organized at customer premises or as public training. The training areas are Xilinx, Altera, VHDL, Verilog, SystemVerilog, UVM, SystemC, UVVM, OSVVM, ARM, Embedded Linux.

Avikon - The Certified Supplier of Aselsan and Havelsan in Defence Software 

Established in 2012, as an advanced electronics company working on Smart Transport Systems and Defence software, Avikon continues its activities under the auspices of Teknopark Istanbul. This company is actualizing the passenger information systems and tracking systems of Izmir, Kayseri and Kocaeli Municipalities which started to provide defence development services to the defence industry as of 2016, in line with the contract signed with Aselsan.  As a sub-contractor of Aselsan, Avikon started to become involved in the following projects since 2016; the radar interface simulator to be utilized as part of the integration activities and training purposes by the Naval Forces Command, real time data recorder and playback software for the VxWorks platform, control monitoring and test software development enabling the tracking of the system status and the maintenance of a radar system to be delivered to the Air Forces Command. Moreover, by successfully completing the administrative, quality and technical assessments of Aselsan and Havelsan companies under the title of software design, the company became the certified supplier of both companies.

Providing services in the defence industry, Inores, also from Teknopark Istanbul, is a company that offers extensive engineering solutions for advanced level engineering applications in renewable energy. Inores has been providing comprehensive engineering solutions in Wind Power Engineering and Composite Structure Engineering and offers component and system design, analysis and optimization services to its customers. 

INORES - Specialized in Lightweight, Efficient and Low Power Mechanical Design and Renewable Energy

Founded in 2010, INORES continues its activities in Teknopark Istanbul and provides lightweight, efficient and low power mechanical design and renewable energy solutions to its customers with many years of professional experience in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE). While the company mainly focuses on CAE and Composite Structural Engineering, it also offers component & system design, analysis, and optimization services to its customers as part of product development activities.