Turkey’s first Cyber Fusion Center Inaugurated

Turkey’s first Cyber Fusion Center detecting cyber-attacks ex ante was opened with a ceremony with the participation of Undersecretary for Defense Industries Prof.

Tarih: Issue 69 - August 2016

Turkey’s first Cyber Fusion Center reporting the cyber-attacks against domestic and foreign threats ex ante was launched in Ankara. Undersecretary for Defense Industries Prof. İsmail Demir and General Manager of STM Mr. Davut Yılmaz executed the opening of the center at STM’s central headquarters. Commenting on the issue SSM Undersecretary Prof. Demir said, “Turkey has now embraced a very important capacity regarding cyber security issue with this Cyber Fusion Center existing only in a limited number of countries in the world. Cyber-attacks are considered as one of the greatest factors threatening the security of the countries in the world. Analyzing the cyber-attacks before they occur and thus preventing them bear critical importance. Today, we have taken a major step to this end”. 

General Manager of STM Mr. Davut Yılmaz underlined that they passed way beyond the classical methods with this new generation Cyber Fusion Center and added, “It is impossible to detect the cyber threats which increased in number and altered their dimensions in respect of detection and the method used through classical methods. Therefore, we need to adopt a proactive approach rather than a reactive one and become aware of the threat before the attack occurs and automatically build a defensive scenario accordingly. The cyber fusion center which we launched today is the outcome of this new generation cyber security understanding and it embodies many novelties in many senses for our country. We wish this center operating with the artificial intelligence mechanisms completely developed by our company and gathering quite different disciplines to be fruitful for our country”.