TURKEY’s Up-and-Coming Digital Defence Ecosystem: DAMISE

Yasemin OK- General Manager of Voytes discusses Voytes Defence’s expertise in providing suppliers critical guidance on national and international sector-specific regulations. In this exclusive interview, the company’s focus on innovative and profitable solutions in the defence and aerospace industries, and the challenges faced by suppliers and global firms are outlined

Tarih: Issue 91 - May 2019

Defence Turkey: Can we please start with an update from you on Voytes Turkey? Why was it established and what has been accomplished so far? 

Yasemin OK: Since 2010, Voytes Turkey has been helping its clients create financial solutions and funding through Government incentives and grants, making extensive use of joint projects with various Ministries, quasi-government organizations, industry associations, universities, local chambers of commerce and industrial zones. To its client base ranging from subsidiaries of global companies and domestic corporates down to SME’s, Voytes has also been providing accounting, tax and financial regulatory consultancy and legal expert services.