Turkey; The Active Player of Middle East Market

Latif Aral ALİŞ-Chairman of Turkish Defence & Aerospace Industry Exporters’ Association

Tarih: Issue 39 - February 2013

The Defence & Aerospace Industry Exporters’Association (SSI) has been established in order to increase the efficiency of activities of Turkish defence industrialists regarding exportation and intensify the coordination of our companies in respect to their achievement of export targets.The coordination activities regarding exportation were being conducted by the Ministry of National Defence and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM) until 22 October 2011when the establishment communique was announced on the Official Gazette and enacted.On the contrary to other sectors, there was no Exporters’ Association of the defence industry in Turkey.For that reason, we have come together for very critical and important requirements such as direct participation as well as guidance of companies in the process and of a support for our country to be more efficient in the "Big Game". The number of our members is increasing day-by-day. The domain as well as responsibilities of our Association have been expanding and increasing accordingly. Through SSI, the Turkish Defence Industry has succeeded a professional team play. We have already started to obtain substantial outcomes.

There has been a continuous development-progress in our sector.As of 2012, the targets have been well-defined and become clearer with the support of our government. The actions to be taken with respect to 2023 perspective were listed out at two-day Exploratory Conference held on 11-12 December 2012 at Sapanca hosted by SSI.