Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) A Leader in Aerospece in and Around Turkey

Issue 40 - February 2013

As TAI, we are glad to be a part of the Middle East Technical University (ODTU)Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK). Our experience with the cluster clearly demonstrated the synergy,common understanding and common language created among the cluster membersand TAI,and also provided means to create benefits for the defense and aerospace industry.The increasing role of Technopolis establishments in the defense and aerospace industry, enable the industry to gain strength from the close relations with universities;which provide necessary research infrastructure for taking part in developing new technologies.

Under the guidance of our vision statement of "becoming a World Brand Aerospace Company with indigenous products and global competitive power" and the mission statement of "leading the development of Turkey’s aerospace industry", it is one of TAI’s objectives to enhance cooperation with the METUTECH cluster companies.