Turkish Aerospace Team up with HAVELSAN for the T/FX Project

Issue 99 - June 2020

President of Defense Industries Prof.Ismail DEMIR announced that a cooperation agreement was signed between HAVELSAN and Turkish Aerospace (TUSAS), which has been carrying out the development and production processes for the National Combat Aircraft (MMU/T-FX).

Stating that the defense industry has implemented measures at the highest level and has been continuing its activities during the fight against Covid-19, President Prof. DEMIR said that the MMU development activities have also been carried out without any pause. Prof.DEMIR: “With this cooperation, TUSAS and HAVELSAN will be carrying out various activities such as software development, simulation, training and maintenance simulators. Upon the completion of the National Combat Aircraft Development Project, our country will be amongst the countries in the world capable of producing 5th generation combat aircraft with its infrastructure and technology, after the U.S., Russia and China.”

The cooperation agreement signed between TUSAS and HAVELSAN involves various activities such as Embedded Training, Training and Maintenance Simulators and engineering support (Virtual Test Environment, project-level software development and cyber security).