Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Funding to Turkish Defense Industry

Issue 67

Playing a leading role on the development of the national defense industry since its establishment in 1987, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV) transferred a fund of approximately 70 million Turkish Liras to defense industry in 2015.

Incorporating the Building Blocks of the national defense industry such as Aselsan, TAI, Roketsan, Havelsan, İşbir and Aspilsan, TSKGV continues to spend its income for the development of the defense industry. TSKGV transferred a total of 32.8 million Turkish Liras from its premiums collected from its associations to the Defense Industry Support Fund in 2015. This fund will be used for supporting various projects such as “MILGEM”, “Göktürk Satellite”, “Anka”, “Altay MBT” conducted for fulfilling the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).