Turkish Companies Sign over 100 Contracts at IDEF’19

Tarih: Issue 93 - July 2019

This year, a total of 1,061 companies from 53 countries (481 local and 580 international companies) attended the IDEF’19 event which is the most crucial platform where small and medium sized businesses contributing to the defence industry with their products and services as well as the major companies of the defence industry get the chance to introduce their facilities and capabilities to the procurement committees from Turkey as well as the world and 587 committee members of 151 committees from 70 countries and 3 international organizations were amongst the visitors of the event. Moreover, 100 signature ceremonies and 9 meetings/launches were held at the IDEF’19 event closely followed by 394 local and foreign press members from a total of 26 countries. As Defence Turkey magazine, we gathered the highlights of the contracts signed throughout the event which lasted for 4 days.

Altay Serial Production Project Main Subcontractors Contract

The contract for the Sub Systems of ALTAY Serial Production Project for the serial production of Turkey’s first Main Battle Tank ALTAY and the supply of the systems and sub systems that will take part in the tank was signed between BMC and the subcontractors Aselsan, Roketsan, MKE and Havelsan at IDEF’19 with the participation of the President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR.

President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Vice President of Defence Industries Mustafa ŞEKER, Head of the Land Platforms Department Ahmet Raci YALÇIN, BMC Chairman of the Board Ethem SANCAK, BMC Member of the Board Talip ÖZTÜRK, Aselsan Chairman & CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Aselsan Vice President Mustafa KAVAL, Roketsan’s Deputy Chairman of the Board Mustafa AYSAN, Roketsan President and CEO Selçuk YAŞAR, MKE Deputy Chairman and CEO Mehmet ÜNAL, Havelsan Chairman of the Board Prof. Haci Ali MANTAR and General Manager of Havelsan  Ahmet Hamdi ATALAY attended the signing ceremony held at the BMC stand.

Within the scope of the Project, Turkey’s New Generation Main Battle Tank ALTAY will be manufactured in two configurations as T1 and T2 in accordance with the new concept of protection developed based on the recent combat experiences in our nearby geography and to meet the future demands of the Turkish Armed Forces.

40 ALTAY T1s will be manufactured and ALTAY T1 will be the Main Battle Tank with the most developed protection capacity with its all-round armor defence in combat fields composed of passive, reactive and active protection components developed by estimating all types of threats that may be encountered in combat fields. 210 ALTAY T2s will be manufactured and ALTAY T2 will feature the advanced armor system developed over the ALTAY T1, isolated hull-ammunition configuration, laser guided tank gun firing capability, crew training mode and mobile camouflage net-signature management capabilities. Additionally, an ALTAY T3 with an unmanned turret will be developed within the scope of the Project.

BMC unveiled the ALTAY T1 demonstrator at IDEF’19 for the first time. Certain improvements were made over the tank in line with the new demands emerged during the prototype stage throughout the design of the Altay T1 Main Battle Tank (MBT) as well. The survivability level of the ALTAY tank was increased with the components added in line with the updated demands. 

Improved Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) added to the side protections of the fuselage

Turret Top Armors with increased protection level 

Active Protection System Radars positioned around the turret

Active Protection System Launchers installed at the ceiling of the turret

Extended turret rear compartment 

Caged armors enabling protection against the anti-tank missiles at the hull and rear compartments of the turret

Explosion retardant measures at the ammunition compartments of the hull 

In accordance with the contract signed on 1 May 2019, on the second day of the event, the following companies will be in charge of the production of the below systems and will be delivering them to the main contractor: Aselsan - Electronic systems of the tank, including fire control and active protection systems, Roketsan - Armor System, MKEK - Main Weapon System and Havelsan – Training simulator systems for the tank. The share of the signed subcontractor contracts over the total size of the Project will be nearly 40%. The total contract value of only the portion of Aselsan as part of the ALTAY Serial Production Project was declared to be EUR 840,986,250. The delivery of the products required for the training tools that will be formed for the user/maintenance training of the sub systems to be delivered within the Project is aimed to be accomplished as part of the contract as well. 

Kaplan MT Medium Weight Tank Serial Production Contract 

The Long-Term Contract on the Serial Production of Kaplan MT (Harimau) Medium Weight Tank Serial was signed on the first day of the fair, on April 30, for the Indonesian Land Forces between FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş. and PT Pindad. The signature ceremony was held with the participation of the high - level officers from the Presidency of Defence Industries, Indonesian Ministry of Defence and Indonesian Armed Forces. The serial production of the vehicles to be delivered to the Indonesian Army as part of the contract will be jointly accomplished by FNSS and PT Pindad.

The development period of the Kaplan MT (Harimau) Medium Weight Tank Prototype was completed as of 2018 and the development activities were launched at the end of 2015 by FNSS and PT Pindad in accordance with the defence industry cooperation agreement signed by the Indonesian and Turkish governments. KAPLAN MT was developed with a technology transfer model in a period shorter than 3 years and the production of its two prototypes was completed. KAPLAN MTs’ prototypes went through very comprehensive and challenging tests run by the Indonesian Army and Ministry of Defence both in Turkey and Indonesia.

The tests of the Kaplan MT (Harimau) were completed successfully and it is the first medium weight tank to be certified by the Indonesian Army and qualified for serial production. Kaplan MT is the only medium weight tank which is qualified and certified by a user on the global market. The long-term cooperation agreement for serial production signed at IDEF’19 by the two companies covers the production of 18 tanks within two years. 

Low Altitude Radar System Project Signed by the SSB and Aselsan 

The Contract on the Low Altitude Radar System Project was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries (SSB) and Aselsan on May 1st. President of the Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Aselsan President & CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Vice President of Defence Industries Mustafa ŞEKER, high ranking commanders of the Air Forces Command and many sector representatives were present at the signing ceremony.

Within the scope of the Project, the aim is the effective inclusion of the low altitude and medium/long range areas that are not covered by the Early Warning Radars in air surveillance and the areas that could not be covered in times of the breakdown of Early Warning Radars. The first system delivery will be taking place in 2022 and 5 AIR Systems will be procured as part of the project. 

The aforementioned radars will be procured to fulfill the demands of the Air Forces Command and with the help of these radars will enable effectiveness against fighter aircraft, helicopters, UAV systems, stealth aircraft and anti-radiation missiles, covering the zones that could not be covered by long range radars, and will have high maneuver capability and acquisition of targets with a low radar cross section likely to emerge from low altitudes.

The IFF of the targets identified and tracked with the Indigenous Mon5/S IFF system over the radar and the data regarding friendly elements will be able to be monitored instantly over the radar terminals. The system will also be able to be integrated with the air defence systems located nearby. To this end, search functions for the early warning and land positioned air defence systems will be fulfilled by the radar and the target data will be directly transferred to the weapon systems. In this way, the duration for the integrated air surveillance and reaction time of the defence system will be reduced as well. 

Transportable Electronic Warfare System to be Procured for the Land Forces Command 

On the third of the fair, the contract on the Transportable Electronic Warfare System Project was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries and Meteksan Savunma A.Ş. with the participation of the President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Meteksan General Manager Selçuk ALPARSLAN, Bilkent Holding Chairman Tunç BATUM and SSB officials. In line with the demands of the Land Forces Command, the deliveries are projected to be completed in 2021 within the scope of the project where transportable Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems with the capability of jamming the frequencies used by the enemies’ radios. The systems to be delivered can be back carried by the staff and they will be delivered in two different configurations; fixed or positioned over the vehicle. 

PARS Scout 8x8 and 6x6 to Enter into the Turkish Armed Forces’ Inventory 

FNSS Savunma was selected as the main contractor company upon the decree of the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSIK) with the tender launched to fulfil the Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle (SPTWAV) demands in two different configurations - 8x8 and 6x6 - of the Land Forces Command and Gendarmerie General Command and contract negotiations with the company were launched in this direction. To this end, the project contract launch ceremony was signed on the third day of the fair, on May 2nd, by FNSS President & CEO K. Nail KURT and Vice President of the Presidency of Defence Industries Mustafa Murat ŞEKER.

The vehicle will be developed in five different configurations in the initial stage of the project in line with the indigenous development model and a total of 100 vehicles will be manufactured. Within the scope of the Project, Command and Radar Vehicles and Sensor and CBRN Reconnaissance Vehicles will be delivered to the Land Forces Command and Armored Combat Vehicles will be delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command. 

Within the scope of the SPTWAV Project, the new member of the PARS group Scout 6x6 and 8x8, specifically designed by FNSS for the reconnaissance operations, with their superior maneuver capability enable a comfortable and secure drive, a steady drive at high speeds at straight roads, low yaw risk on curved roads, transparent armor (ballistic window) integration and high situational awareness. Indigenous sub systems will be used in the main automotive equipment such as the engine and power train equipment in the PARS Scout 6x6 and the 8x8 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicles that were designed and manufactured fully through indigenous facilities and will be entering into the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time. 

Local and International Cooperation Agreements from ASFAT 

With 30 years providing modernization, repair, maintenance to the Turkish Armed Forces, ASFAT A.Ş. offers these services to all friendly and allied nations with the approach of a solution partner, and signed strategic cooperation agreements in many areas at the IDEF’19 14th International Defence Industry Fair by negotiating one-on-one with international delegations and companies. As part of the Ministry of National Defence’s stand during IDEF’19, ASFAT became the party to sign the greatest number of agreements at the fair by signing 20 agreements with local and international companies. 

ASFAT A.Ş. General Manager Esad AKGÜN was present at the ceremonies where ASFAT signed international agreements with Vard from Canada, Damen from Netherlands, UkrObronProm from Ukraine and with Airbus Defence while the company signed many strategic cooperation agreements with local companies such as Meteksan Savunma, Best Grup, YDS, Alp Havacılık, Istanbul Defence and Aerospace Cluster (SAHA), OSTIM Defence and Aerospace Cluster (OSSA), METU Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK), Eskişehir Aviation Cluster (ESAC), Izmir Aerospace Cluster (HUKD).

This company containing 27 factories, 3 shipyards and a labor power of nearly 20 thousand people will conduct its retrofit activities that will enable the accomplishment of the final configuration of the aircraft as part of the Airbus MRO within the scope of the A400M Project at the Kayseri 2nd Air Supply Maintenance Factory Directorate as of 2020. On account of the acquired capability, the retrofit activities of other countries that use the A400M are aimed to be conducted in Turkey. 

Cooperation Agreement on the Development of Kamikaze Multi-Rotor UAV System Signed between Roketsan and Aselsan

On the 2nd day of the fair, a Cooperation Agreement on the development of Kamikaze Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) System was signed between Roketsan and Aselsan, which are the two major institutions of the Turkish Defence Industry. Through this agreement, Roketsan’s UAV Ammunition (RİHAM) would be integrated to Aselsan’s Multi-Rotor UAV, thus meeting an important requirement of Turkish Armed Forces.

6 Cooperation Agreements for Local Production on Defence and Aerospace Area Led by SAHA Istanbul

At the signing ceremony organized by the Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association (SAHA Istanbul) at IDEF’ 19, a protocol was signed regarding indigenous production in 6 project groups in areas of defence and aerospace. With the help of these 6 agreements signed under the guidance of SAHA Istanbul established to render Turkey capable of manufacturing its own aircraft, vessels and strategic products through indigenous resources, Turkish companies will develop sub systems in areas of defence, aerospace Moreover, 2 international cooperation protocols were announced and signed at a ceremony for projects that would make a crucial contribution to the indigenization of the aerospace and defence industry.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan BÜYÜKDEDE, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Faith KACIR, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Hasan MANDAL, SSB Vice President Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ, Deputy Director General of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Sadık PİYADE, SAHA Istanbul Chairman Haluk BAYRAKTAR and members of the TÜBİTAK SAYEM consortium participated in the signing ceremony taking part at the SAHA Istanbul stand at IDEF’ 19. TAI Chairman Prof. Oğuz BORAT, TAI CEO Temel Kotil, Aselsan President & CEO Prof. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Roketsan President and CEO Selçuk YAŞAR, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM President Prof. Hacı Ali MANTAR, Ermaksan President and CEO Ahmet ÖZKAYAN, President of the Gebze Technical University Prof. Hasan ASLAN, President of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet University Prof. Fatih ANDI were amongst the names making their mark on the projects.

SAHA Istanbul focuses on establishing consortiums by gathering sub system manufacturer companies and universities active in the same areas and facilitates the production of the sub systems available in Turkey by building production groups for the sub systems that cannot be manufactured in Turkey and launches cooperation activites between industry-universities. In line with this target, these 6 projects developed by SAHA Istanbul member companies and universities will contribute greatly to Turkey’s national defence industry and their tests have already been completed. The aforementioned projects were accepted to the 1st Phase call of the TÜBİTAK SAYEM Program.

The 6 projects to be executed as part of the program are listed as follows: the project on “Laser Air Defence System Development” against artillery, mortar and missiles with air - to - ground ammunition under the guidance of the consortium composed of Aselsan, Roketsan, Ermaksan, Saver, TÜBİTAK BİLGEM and Gebze Technical University; the “Air Conditioning Systems Used in Flying Platforms” project to be used for the first time in the HÜRKUŞ under the lead of the consortium established by Gökser Havacılık, Anova, Friterm, Gürmetal, CES companies and Marmara University; the “Development of the Nickel Metal Powder Eligible for Additive Manufacturing for Aviation Applications – ATOM” project for the manufacturing of the parts to operate at turbine engines led by the consortium consisting of Ermaksan, Aluteam, Mayıs Tasarım, Toyotesu and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University; the “Road Map on the Development of Measuring, Testing and Navigational Control Unit for the Autonomous Operation of the Unmanned Naval Platforms (İDA-OTO SEVK)” conducted by the Elkon company and TÜBİTAK MAM; the “Satellite Communication Terminal Systems” project executed by the consortium of NETA, Profen, ICT, NETPA and Istanbul Technical University, and last but not least the project on “Nano Particulate Reinforced Composite Material with High Performance in High Temperatures” executed with the cooperation of Marmara University and Altıgen Panel.

Memorandum of Understanding Between Havelsan and Environics

Havelsan and Environics have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to co-operate on identifying and developing mutual opportunities for the CBRN Sector in Turkey on the 2nd of May at IDEF’ 19.

According to this MoU Havelsan and Environics intend to establish a new Joint Venture entity in Turkey. Before entering into the Joint Venture agreement, Havelsan and Environics will finalize a business plan and complete market analysis for the CBRN sector together.

The scope of the intended Joint Venture co-operation will include identifying opportunities, carrying out pre-sales actions, preparing technical and commercial offers and supporting such proposals until the contracts are awarded and they will collaborate in the execution of such awarded contracts and identify working conditions.

Agreement on Major Subsonic Wind Tunnel by Turkish Aerospace and AIOLOS Engineering 

The “Major Subsonic Wind Tunnel Contract” signed between Turkish Aerospace and Canada based company AIOLOS Engineering was one of the most critical agreements signed at IDEF’19. The signatures were made by Turkish Aerospace President and CEO Temel KOTİL, Space Systems Vice Director General Selman NAS and AIOLOS CEO Steven HILLS at the ceremony taking place on May 2nd. 

The facility to be established at the edifices of Turkish Aerospace is aimed to become one of the top three subsonic wind tunnels in the world. Signed by AIOLOS Engineering CEO Steven HILLS and Turkish Aerospace President and CEO Temel KOTİL, the “Major Subsonic Wind Tunnel” is expected to be launched to service by 2023. The tunnel is expected to provide services primarily to Turkey and then to the aerospace, defence, automotive, environment and urban planning sectors across the world.

Critical Protocol of STM and Aselsan on Vessel Technologies  

At the IDEF’19 defence fair, under the guidance of the Presidency of Defence Industries, a crucial protocol on the “Development of the Electrical Drive Systems at High Speed Boats” was signed by STM and Aselsan. The goodwill protocol signed by Savunma Teknolojileri Mühendislik ve Ticaret A.Ş. (STM) and Aselsan took place on April 30th at the 14th IDEF International Defence Industry Fair. STM Chairman Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ, STM CEO Murat İKİNCİ, Aselsan Chairman and CEO Haluk GÖRGÜN and Aselsan Executive Vice President İbrahim BEKAR attended the signature ceremony.

With the protocol, execution of the joint activities by STM and Aselsan on the development of electrical drive system beginning to gain importance for vessel technologies and their joining forces by gathering their know - how and experiences area aimed. In this way, development of cooperation and generation of fully indigenous solutions on the electrical drive systems that are expected to become more critical in the future are planned. 

Asisguard and Dahua Technology’s Public Security Systems Technology Transfer Agreement

Established by Asis Electronics and Information Systems with the vision of developing indigenous systems for the defence industry, Asisguard signed a technology transfer agreement at the IDEF’19 defence fair in order to manufacture mainly thermal solutions and Dahua’s high technology products indigenously in Turkey with the technology partnership of Asisguard. At the signature ceremony held on May 1st, Asis Electronics and Information Systems Chairman Salih GÜÇBİLMEZ underlined that Asisguard worked in order to develop innovative technologies that will undertake critical tasks in public security and noted that as a result of the strategy and technology transfer agreement they made with Dahua Technology, the cooperation of the two companies will increase in the upcoming period along with increasing dialogue and R&D activities. 

As part of the agreement, Asisguard will be benefiting from Dahua’s experiences in thermal solutions area in the projects it will be developing in thermal technologies area. The facilities for the indigenous production of the products on which the parties agreed in Turkey and their integration will be assessed and projects in commercial sense will continue to be worked on for the benefit of all parties.

Aspilsan Enerji A.Ş. and Sabancı University’s Cooperation Protocol on R&D 

A “Protocol on the Framework Agreement on Cooperation in R&D and Mentorship” regarding the joint scientific and technological researches in “Energy Storage Technologies”  was signed between the Aspilsan Enerji A.Ş. which is one of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation affiliates active in energy storage, and Sabancı University was signed at IDEF’19. The signing ceremony for the cooperation protocol was realized with the participation of Aspilsan Chairman İlhan BÖLÜK, Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Deputy Director General Sadık PİYADE, Sabancı University President Prof. Yusuf LEBLEBİCİ, Aspilsan Enerji CEO Ferhat ÖZSOY and Vice President of the Sabancı University Prof. Fuat KEYMAN.  

The aforementioned protocol covers the execution of graduate, post graduate and doctorate level activities at Sabancı University in areas where Aspilsan Enerji is in need. One of the main elements of the protocol is the focus on conducting joint activities that will benefit from the know-how, experience and resources of Sabancı University, within the scope of the projects to be developed by Aspilsan Enerji.  Additionally, as part of the protocol, opportunities to work and conduct research at the R&D Centers of Aspilsan Enerji will be provided to the academicians of Sabancı University. 

STM and FNSS Sign a Goodwill Protocol 

At IDEF’19 land systems manufacturer FNSS and STM, making a mark on critical projects for autonomous systems, signed a crucial protocol for executing joint activities under the guidance of the Presidency of Defence Industries. The signing of the TOGAN Goodwill Protocol took part on May 2nd between STM and FNSS companies. STM Chairman Celal Sami TÜFEKÇİ, STM General Manager Murat İKİNCİ and FNSS CEO Nail N. Kurt and FNSS Marketing and Programs Group Head Aybars KÜÇÜK attended the signing ceremony.

The Protocol contains the activities for the integration of manned/unmanned armored combat vehicles, armored personnel carriers, reconnaissance and surveillance vehicles and turret systems, that are being designed and manufactured by FNSS, to fixed and rotary wing smart ammunition systems, reconnaissance and surveillance purposed mini unmanned air vehicles developed by STM. To this end, STM and FNSS aim to conduct joint activities, joining forces by gathering know-how and experience and cooperate on potential future projects that may be jointly realized in the future. 

Export Agreement Between Alp Aviation and Kidde Dual Spectrum 

An Export Agreement regarding the Fire Suppression System Components was signed between Alp Aviation and Kidde Dual Spectrum during the IDEF’ 19 International Defence Industry Fair. The signing ceremony took place on May 1st with the participation of Alp Aviation Chairman Tuncer ALPATA and Kidde Aerospace & Defence General Manager Erin McCLEAVE. 

Within the framework of the agreement, Kidde Dual Spectrum will supply the components of the Fire Detection and Prevention Systems that will enable fires to be extinguished that may emerge at critical military and civilian facilities, shelters and sites which will maintain the survival of the staff.

Altay Software and Konsgberg Signed MoU on Software Export

Altay Software and Norwegian Kongsberg signed a cooperation agreement with the participation of President of Defense Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Altay Software Chairman Murat DURAL, and Hans KONGELF - VP at Konsgberg Defence Systems. In his statement at the signing ceremony, Altay Software Chairman Murat DURAL pointed out that they first started working with Kongsberg in 2001 and that the first export from Turkey in the field of military software was to Kongsberg. “Since then, we have exported military software to around ten countries. The MoU we signed today covers four years. Our export target has already been set, and we aim for three countries. This agreement is considered as part of Kongsberg’s eco-system. As a Turkish company, this makes us very proud.” The MoU agreement covers integrated software packages for Naval Platforms.

Logistical Support Cooperation Protocol for the Airborne Early Warning and Control System 

At IDEF’ 19, a Cooperation Protocol was signed between the Presidency of Defence Industries and Turkish Technic as part of the Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircraft System Logistical Support Project. President of Defence Industries Prof. İsmail DEMİR, Turkish Technic CEO Ahmet KAHRAMAN, officials from the Air Forces Command and the SSB as well as sector representatives attended the signing ceremony. 

Procurement of all products and services that may be required by the Air Forces Command including all kinds of support equipment, technical documentation, maintenance and repair user and maintenance training and calibration are planned with the aforementioned project. 

TÜBİTAK SAGE and Roketsan Signs Protocol on the Production of TST 101 Plugs 

On the second day of the event.TÜBİTAK Defence Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) and Roketsan signed a cooperation protocol on the development and production of the TST 101 Plugs which are used. 

Roketsan Chairman Prof. Faruk YİĞİT, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Hasan MANDAL, TÜBİTAK SAGE Director Gürcan OKUMUŞ and Roketsan President and CEO Selçuk YAŞAR signed the protocol.

As a result of this cooperation which will contribute to indigenous and national production, Turkey’s position in the international defence industry market is expected regarding general purpose bomb plugs launched from the MK-80 series aircraft.

TRNC City Security Management System and License Plate Recognition System  

The City Security Management System and License Plate Recognition System Project TRNC Package Contract was signed on May 2nd by the Presidency of Defence Industries, Aselsan, the Turkish National Police and the TRNC Police Department. 

According to the demands of the Turkish National Police, within the scope of project the City Security Management System and License Plate Recognition System was installed in all cities and provinces of Turkey in order to contribute to the fight against terrorism and the security and safety.  A total of 45,000 cameras and nearly 7,500 license plate recognition systems were launched into service so far and the management of all systems occur from a single center and it is maintained with the help of the indigenously developed software. 

Within the scope of the City Security Management Systems TRNC Package decisions were made regarding the installation of 345 Steadicams, 94 Mobile Cameras, 22 Laser PTZ Cameras and 237 lanes of License Plate Recognition Systems at 161 points as per the requirements, essential modernization operations at the building to be used as the City Security Management System (CSMS) Center, and accomplishment of the adaptations over the central software for their utilization at the TRNC. The SSIK decree on the launch of the CSMS TRNC Package was adopted following the field trip made to the TRNC in February 2019 in response to the request for the installation of the City Security Management Systems and License Plate Recognition Systems at the points that were provided by the TRNC authorities. Within the scope of the Project, system acceptance is planned to be completed within 12 months following the start of the activities for the installation and field operation launch. 

Nero Industry’s Laser Warning and Smoke Grenade Launcher Export Agreement 

Ukraine was the first customer for the Smoke Grenade Launcher and Laser Warning Systems that was indigenously developed by Nero Industry. Within the scope of the contract signed on May 1st is valued at nearly over EUR 1 million.   The product contains 90 sets of Smoke Grenade Launchers and Laser Warning Systems will be manufactured by Nero Industry in line with the demands of the Ukrainian army.

The Laser Warning System developed by Nero Industry increases the defence capability of armored land vehicles against laser guided missiles through an effective solution as it perceives the laser signals directed towards the vehicle and automatically fires towards the point the laser is directed, the point at which the potential threat is located. In this way, the contact of the laser with the vehicle is disconnected and the guidance characteristics of the missile is neutralized. Additionally, the Smoke Grenade Launcher system obstructs enemy surveillance and tracking of the vehicle with night and day vision devices. This system costs 4 - 5 times less than its rivals on the market and offers effective solutions and could be integrated to all types of land vehicles, beyond critical platforms such as main battle tanks. 

On account of the system which will be initially used by the Ukrainian Army, Nero Industry aims to increase the qualification level through the experiences it will gain. The systems will be integrated into 30 vehicles at the initial stage and this figure is expected to increase in the upcoming period. 

Delivery Ceremony of the Rotary Wing Attack Drone System KARGU 

The announcement regarding the delivery of the 105 KARGU Rotary Wing Attack Drone Systems developed by STM was made on the second day of the fair. According to the announcement, the delivery of the 105 Rotary Wing Attack Drone System KARGU was accomplished as part of the “Equipment and Service Procurement Contract for Homeland Security, 5th Special Purposed Equipment Package ANNEX-C Appendix-70 Deliveries” with the Unmanned Air Vehicles Department of the Presidency of Defence Industries. Deputy Director General in Charge of Technology at STM Ömer KORKUT, STM Information Systems Manager Aydın KARA, Unmanned and Smart Systems Department Head Gökhan UÇAR and Unmanned and Smart Systems Department Project Manager Hakan ÖZBİLGİN attended the ceremony.

KARGU is an indigenous rotary wing UAV solution that can be deployed and operated by single person in both autonomous and manual modes, and it is engineered specifically for anti-terror and asymmetric warfare scenarios. The KARGU can rapidly and effectively respond against stationary or mobile targets through its embedded real-time image processing capabilities and deep learning algorithms. The system is comprised of the rotary wing attack drone (RWAD), a ground control unit, and a UAV recharging station component.  The KARGU is capable of reaching a maximum altitude of a thousand meters and a speed of 72 kilometers per hour. The drone system with a range of 5 kilometers featuring a laser range finder, mission aborted function, and emergency disposal characteristics is expected to stand out at asymmetrical war and border security areas. 

Goodwill Agreement on IoT Security 

At IDEF’19 a Goodwill Agreement  by Vestel Elektronik one of Turkey’s greatest electronic manufacturers and member of the cluster was signed on the Security of the Internet of Things (IoT) with the Turkey Cyber Security Cluster which performs services under the auspices of the Presidency of Defence Industries which was established for the development of the cyber security eco-system in Turkey. 

The objective of the agreement is the establishment of an IoT ecosystem and the analysis of the sector through the organization of workshops and meetings.  The agreement was signed by the Vice President of Vestel Burak SAVAK and officials of the Presidency of Defence Industries