Turkish Landing Platform Dock to be Service in 2021

Within the scope of the programme launched for Naval Forces Command’s procurement of a

Tarih: Issue 62 - June 2015

A 34–Bed General Hospital to be available at the LPD

In his speech at the ceremony, Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Naval Platforms Department Head Müjdat Uludağ gave significant remarks on the technical equipment, task functions and programme schedule regarding the vessel. Stating that the aforementioned LPD will have 6 runways that are convenient for the safe landing and take-off of the helicopters Uludağ added, “The landing deck will enable the landing and take-off, transfer and safe parking of the helicopters up to 35 tons of landing and takeoff, tilt engine aerial vehicles and unmanned air vehicles. Moreover, it will be capable of transporting wheeled and tracked vehicles up to 30 tons”. Uludağ mentioned that the vessel will feature a 34-bed general hospital and said, “The LPD will accommodate a 34–bed general hospital with an operating room, x-ray machines, external treatment units, emergency unit and infection rooms and it will be able to perform within the scope of humanitarian aid operations as well”.