TUSAS - ALP Aviation Cooperation for KT-1T Training aircraft

ALP Aviation will manufacture the “Tail Assembly” for KT-1T Training Aircraft manufactured by TUSAS The contact regarding the production of vertical and h

Issue 13

It is obvious that the cooperation with subcontactors is an important factor for developing the aviation industry as well as the other industries. TUSAS endeavours to cooperate with the companies with high capabilities within the scope its ongoing and prospective aerospace and defence projects.

Alp Aviation is reputed for its mass production and highly technolojical precision for platforms like Sikorsky Blackhawk, Seahawk, S76, S92, CH53K ile F22, F35, F135, Boeing 787, A380 and B737. Alp Aviation have giant costomers such as Pratt & Whitney , Goodrich Landing Gear , TAI/Boeing and Sikorsky.