TUSAŞ ENGINE INDUSTRIES,INC.State-of-artDesign Capabilities in Aircraft Engine Industry


Issue 10

TEI’s mission is to establish a sustainable aircraft engine industry in Turkey, by providing superior products and services that will improve technological basis of aerospace industry and by attaining a market place in the world, and create value for the shareholders with the use of advanced technologies, superior quality initiatives, competitive and sustainable growth potential and strategic management.
TEI’s vision is to provide service, products and support to all customers around the world as a worldwide recognized, competitive, high quality manufacturing, sales and engineering center, and to utilize Turkey’s assets and resources at optimum level in order to have influence in the industry.
The main activities of TEI are:
- Engine assembly and overhaul
- Parts manufacturing
- After sales services
- Design engineering
Being the sole source for many parts it manufactures, TEI’s product variety presented a great improvement through the years. TEI has been manufacturing parts for 31 different engine programs with more than 550 configuration parts.
TEI is participating in the international projects in the field of Engine Assembly and Overhaul. By using high technological capabilities in all these projects, TEI gradually increases its achievements. TEI’s activities were started with the assembly and test of F110 engines of F16 aircrafts, extended with the assembly and test of Makila 1A1 engines of Cougar helicopters and the Depot Level Maintenance (DLM) of TF33 engines of NATO Awacs aircraft. Recently, the overhaul of Turkish Air Forces’ CT7 engines of CN235 Casa aircraft and F110 engines of F16 aircrafts have been started. In order to meet customers’ expectations, TEI also renders support for military and commercial aircraft and helicopter engines, especially for F110, J79, J85, T700, CT7, CF34 and CF6 engines with on-site experienced professional technical representatives, both to Turkish Air Forces’ and to the region countries.
As in the other sectors, it’s a fact that for a sustainable technological and economic growth in aerospace industry, design engineering is a must for sustained aircraft engine industry. TEI made very important progress in the infrastructure of the Design Engineering, by participating to the projects in a higher level. TEI is participating into A400M TP400 project as a risk and revenue partner, also has taken its place in F136 engine project of Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) since the system development phase. On the other hand, TEI continues to work on the Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), Attack Helicopter and Turkish Military Helicopter Engine Projects.
In September 2007, a Collaboration Agreement was signed between Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) and TEI. The agreement intends to provide the maximum local benefit in order to initiate the model for “local platform-local engine” and comprises the integration of the indigenous Turboprop engine, developed by TEI, to the indigenous Target Drone “Turna”, developed by TAI.
In November 2007, TEI and GE Aviation (USA) announced the establishment of the mutual engineering initiative Türkiye Technology Center (TTC), which will position Turkey as an advance technology center. In TTC, TEI and GE engineers will design and develop technology for GE Aviation’s commercial and military aircraft engines. These parts are used to power the most demanded commercial aircrafts of Boeings, Airbus, and of course for the military ones. Participation on new generation aircraft engines are increasing day by day. Along with aircraft and helicopter engines, TEI also supports GEA with gas turbine parts used for industrial purposes and to power ships.
Parallel to the developments in the aerospace industry, TEI’s turnover increases as a result of the investments. In 2007, TEI has reached to a total sale of 247 million US dollars of which 140 million US dollars was export. For the year 2008, total sales are targeted to be 300 million US dollars. Certainly, this consistent development is a result of having planned targets and ability to compete.
In this international competition platform, TEI is successful to meet customer requirements applying contemporary management methodologies. In quality, price and delivery, it can meet customer requirements over their expectations. Since the customer satisfaction is the most important element of sharing the world aerospace market and competing in the market, TEI has determined the critical initiatives for the customers and have intensified on them. By using 6 Sigma and statistical techniques, successful projects are being realized in means of solving complicated problems, minimizing variables, increasing process abilities and productivity. As a result of 6 Sigma activities, operational perfection has reached to the level of 5.1 Sigma (172 errors in 1 million operations).
Within the last 22 years TEI has proved its quality and reliability by realizing design and manufacturing of engine and engine parts, engine assembly & overhaul and technical services successfully in the areas that has been involved. It is targeting to get in a position of module and engine design and manufacturing center that can meet every kind of system development, modernization and modification requirements in the national and international platform.
Now, TEI’s main goal is to be an Aircraft Engine Module Design Center in 2010s; and Main Manufacturer in 2020s along with the project based Design Engineering, Module Design and Development activities.