TUSAŞ Unveiled the National Combat Aircraft

On May 1, Labor and Solidarity Day, the Century of the Future Launch Ceremony was held at TUSAŞ`s Kahramankazan Campus. The ceremony was attended by President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, Minister of National Defense Hulusi AKAR, President of Defense Industry Agency İsmail DEMİR, Chief of General Staff General Yaşar GÜLER, General Musa AVSEVER, Commander of the Turkish Land Forces, Admiral Ercüment TATLIOĞLU, Commander of the Turkish Naval Forces, General Atilla GÜLAN, Commander of the Turkish Air Force, Deputy Ministers Alpaslan KAVAKLIOĞLU, Şuay ALPAY, Muhsin DERE, and many other guests.

Tarih: Issue 122 - May 2023 Güncelleme: June 13, 2024

During the ceremony, TUSAŞ showcased its domestically developed and produced fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms, as well as several modernized platforms, in the static display area. The event, resembling an international air show in an open area, garnered significant interest from national and international press representatives. The National Combat Aircraft and HÜRJET were positioned farther away from the runway, while the F-16 Block-30 aircraft which underwent the ÖZGÜR avionics modernization, was displayed at the far end of the static area, attracting attention as it had never been photographed at any previous event. Sikorsky T-70 helicopters which were produced under license at TUSAŞ facilities and were recently delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command and the General Directorate of Forestry, were also displayed at the static display area. The ANKA-II and AKSUNGUR Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, and the HÜRKUŞ Air-Ground Integration Aircraft were also showcased. Also on display were the delta-wing ANKA-III Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV), undergoing high-speed taxi tests and soon to make its first flight, and the flying prototype of the ŞİMŞEK High-Speed Target Drone, which will serve as the loyal wingman of the ANKA-III. The SOM-J Stand-off-Missile, which can be carried at the weapon bay station of the ANKA-III UCAV, the TOLUN GPS/INS Guided Ammunition on the Aselsan SADAK-4T Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack, and the HGK-84 (Precision Guidance Kit-84), KGK-83 (KGK is a wing-assisted guidance kit that converts existing unguided 1,000 lb. MK83), were also exhibited together with the ANKA-III UCAV. 

The ceremony launched with the presence of President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN, and he took the stage to address the attendees. During his speech, President ERDOĞAN established a radio connection with the pilots of the HÜRJET and National Combat Aircraft and gave them instructions to proceed. Following the president's directive, the HÜRJET taxied to the front of the stage, while the National Combat Aircraft, labeled with "KAAN" on its fuselage, completed its taxi to the designated point in front of the stage. HÜRJET Test Pilot Ercan ÇELİK and KAAN Test Pilot Gökhan BAYRAMOĞLU presented their helmets and patches to President ERDOĞAN, who, in return, presented plaques to the pilots.