UK Boxer MIV Program: WFEL to Manufacture Boxer MIV for UK Mod

Tarih: Issue 106 - May 2021

On April 2021, KMW and WFEL announced that a further sub-contract had been awarded for the UK Boxer Mechanized Infantry Vehicle Program.  Horstman UK will supply over 250 angular gearboxes and control units for the British Army's Boxer Mechanized Infantry Vehicle program. Following rigorous supply chain evaluation, Horstman was selected to ensure the best value and lowest risk to the Boxer program.

This £12 million contract award means that another significant transfer of technology to the UK will be undertaken from Horstman's parent company, RENK, which has made all production Angle Drive Gearboxes for the Boxer vehicles to date. In close collaboration with KMW and WFEL, RENK will ensure all required technical support and investment into Horstman to ensure that identical Boxer gearbox products are built in the UK at Horstman's premises in Bath, following identical processes and procedures. The gearboxes will then be supplied to WFEL's new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for assembly into the new Boxer vehicles produced in Stockport.