Undersecretariat for Defence Industries Opened an International Cooperation Office in Kazakh Capital Astana

Undersecretariat for Defence Industries’ (SSM) Astana International Cooperation Office’s formal opening was realized with the participation of National Defence Minister M

Issue 49

Minister of National Defence Mr.  İsmet Yılmaz, Undersecretary for Defence Industries Mr. Murad Bayar, Aselsan’s Chairman of the Board Mr. Necmettin Baykul, Aselsan General Manager Mr. Cengiz Ergeneman, representatives of Defence sector and military authorities and members of press attended the opening ceremony of SSM’s Office at Astana. 

Answering the questions of press members at the opening ceremony, National Defence Minister Mr. İsmet Yılmaz stated that four offices of SSM are in operation up to date and said, “We aim the promotion of Turkish Defence Industry companies and their products in the establishment of these offices. One will not have to visit Turkey in order to gain information on such issues now that these offices are in operation”.