Uruguay Selected Aselsan for Border Security

Uruguay preferred Aselsan’s system solutions for the first stage of the Project for protecting all land and sea borders. Within the co

Tarih: Issue 47 - November 2013

Within the scope of this border security system in which target acquisition, classification and monitoring shall be accomplished by the reconnaissance-surveillance radar, the electro-optic components enable the operator to monitor in all weather conditions and in night and day. Aselsan reconnaissance-surveillance radar provides multi-target acquisition within the 360 degrees scanning and keeps the risk of getting identified by the targets owing to its low power output.

Aselsan made a comprehensive field study at the pilot regions determined in the land and maritime borders of the country and analyzed the critical regions through interviews with the officials. By proposing the both technically and financially most compliant system to the Uruguay Armed Forces, Aselsan stood among its rivals. Uruguay Army aims to prevent one of the region’s greatest problems - smuggling and other illegal activities around the borders through this purchase.