Vaneda Makes Difference …

Issue 91 - May 2019

Vaneda is a Turkish company grounded in Istanbul in 2014 and continuing its production in technical boot-making industry with constant focus on innovative technology. With the significance placed on product quality, we participated with Turkish Armed Forces in boot projects dedicated to modern technology and design. Our priority is not only making the most comfortable footwear and also providing high wear resistance and superior performance under the most challenging weather conditions.

Vaneda would like to proudly announce that we supply the Turkish Armed Forces with our New Generation Waterproof Shoes and Boots designed with Breathable Technology which was developed due to long time of hard work and successfully passed the laboratory tests.

This new technology prevents moisture from entering the footwear and remain it durably waterproof and highly breathable in rainy or snowy weather without getting heavier. Even in case of wearing our shoes and boots for long periods of time, the technology is designed to dry them rapidly and thanks to its innovative breathable construction, provides effective protection against fungal infection of the feet. The technology with a specially constructed thermal insulation up to -25 °C for cold weather conditions offers reliable protection from the cold by optimizing warmth. This will put an end to the problems suffered by our soldiers for years due to boots designed with outdated technology. 

With a commitment to dynamic development, our company continues to maintain mass production making over 500.000 pairs of technical boots and shoes per year at its new 5000 m² factory by having international certifications such as ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

It is obvious that our soldiers are in need of advanced equipment and superior mobility, particularly in these rough times that our country is going through. Vaneda would also wish for other suppliers to support such projects and aim to increase the mobility of our army to the highest level.