Vestel Karayel Successfully Completed “Payload” Test Flight

Vestel Defence Industry accomplished Karayel Unmanned Air Vehicle’s (UAV) “payload” test flight which was considered as one of the most important phases of the programme. 

Issue 59 - March 2015

Indigenous Tactical Unmanned Air Vehicle “Karayel”, which was developed completely through domestic resources by Vestel Defence Industry, successfully completed its maiden flight with the “electro-optic camera” that enables the vehicle to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities. The recently completed integration and engineering studies, for “Karayel” displayed  precise performance and proved that it was ready for utilisation even before its delivery.

Vestel Defence and AYESAŞ General Manager Aziz Sipahi mentioned that the supply and integration of Karayel UAV system composed of a package of 6 aircrafts and 4 useful loads were assigned to Vestel Defence within the scope of this programme, the contract of which was signed with the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries in 2011 and added, “By assuming this responsibility, Vestel Defence initiated the procurement process of the most developed electro optic camera for Karayel Tactical System on behalf of Turkey. The most important feature of the camera is the detection and marking of targets through laser at high altitudes and transmittance of the targeted object to the user with high quality. The camera featuring this capacity that also bears importance for the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles manufactured for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes will be performing its actual task over Karayel in the Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry”. Sipahi stated that foreign dependency slightly decreased with this success and added that they have reached the greatest rate of domestic participation in Turkey during the production of Karayel UAV system.