Vitrociset Updates the “ARTAS” - EUROCONTROL Surveillance Data Processing System for Turkey’s General Directorate of State Airports Authority

Issue 67

Vitrociset, the Italian ICT Company, leader in managing “safe & critical” systems, has deployed into operation the V8B2 version of the EUROCONTROL ARTAS (ATM surveillance tracker and server) Surveillance Data Processing system, for the authority responsible for Turkey’s air traffic control services (DHMI - General Directorate of State Airports Authority). The installation of the ARTAS system as part of the DHMI ATC infrastructure, carried out by Vitrociset,  is an important step for high quality surveillance over  the Turkish airspace,  which is among the largest in Europe.

Vitrociset installed ARTAS V8B2 having won in May 2015 the invitation to tender issued on behalf of DHMI by EUROCONTROL, the owner of the ARTAS system. The project completed on time and to the satisfaction of EUROCONTROL and DHMI, reflects Vitrociset’s expertise in the installation and fine-tuning of the ARTAS system, as well as the training of operational staff, being this a prerequisite for the installation of future releases at an international level.