VODINA, Integrated Public Address, General Alarm and Infotainment System

Issue 61 - May 2015

Following his establishment  in 1986, KAREL has created the electronic branche exchange market in Turkey, , providing self-designed  PABX products to the market, and started the transition from electromechanical systems to electronic systems. Established with hundred percent domestic capital, KAREL,  has one of the most advanced R&D Centers, when compared with other local telecommunications companies .. Today, KAREL  is the market leader in Turkey, and exporting products and technologies to more than 30 countries, is amongst the top 15 PABX manufacturers of the world. 

Furthermore, KAREL provides solutions for communication needs of Armed  and Naval Forces for more than 15 years. KAREL’s military product family extends from tactical rugged communication switchboards to PAGA (Public Address and General Alarm) systems developed for naval  ships. KAREL has also launched PBXxs, Intercom Systems and PAGA systems for medium to large vessels/ships  complying with the needs of Turkish Navy and Shipyards.