Voytes – Fine Tuned Consultancy Creating Versatile Financial Solutions in Turkey and Abroad

Ms.Yasemin Ok, the General Manager of Voytes talks with Defence Turkey magazine about the many examples of how their team is facilitating activities geared toward accelerating industrial development in Defense, Aerospace, Satellite, Space and Advanced Technologies areas, playing an active role in Global Supply Chain Implementations

Issue 77 - September 2017

Defence Turkey: Dear Ms. Yasemin Ok, first of all thank you very much for this interview. Could you please inform us on Voytes’ business areas and activities?  

Voytes Turkey has been providing a wide variety of financial solutions to numerous institutions from companies and funds with foreign partners, to national brands and SME’s since 2010 and has been assisting them to build and implement their strategies while creating resources. Among the aforesaid solutions, Voytes has enabled various businesses in various industries benefiting from incentives, grants and other governmental assistance through the projects it executes with industrial foundations, trade associations, organized industrial zones, universities and the Ministry of Economy. Voytes concurrently provides accountancy, tax and financial legislation consultancies and expertise services.