Wide Area Airborne Surveillance by ESEN

Tarih: Issue 40 - February 2013

ESEN System Integration, founded in February 2012, is located in Ankara, Turkey. ESEN’s major shareholder is Reno, NV, US based Sierra Nevada Corporation (http://www.sncorp.com). ESEN is focused on the defence, aerospace and aviation industry and currently working on various projects including Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Systems, Image Processing and Exploitation, Remote Sensing, Homeland Security Solutions, Data Fusion and Transformation, Embedded Systems and Avionics.

One of the challenging projects that ESEN is currently working on is Wide Area Airborne Surveillance (WAAS). WAAS is defined as the ability to provide surveillance over a city-sized region known to be associated with a specific activity in order to increase the chance of detecting and observing the activity, identify the entity, track the entity forward in real time or backwards forensically. Traditional surveillance systems provide Full Motion Video (FMV) over a small coverage area. On the other hand, WAAS systems provide very high-resolution motion imagery (low frame rate) on a city-sized area. This kind of imagery is called Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI).