YDS: A Global Brand Preferred by World’s Leading Armies

Tarih: Issue 39 - February 2013

Defence Turkey: Mr. Vedat Yakupoğlu, before all else, we would like to thank you for your time. As YDS, you supply uniforms, boots, assault vests and other needs for armies of Turkey and other countries around the world. Your brand has become universal. Could you briefly tell us about the developments period of YDS from its foundation to to present day?

Yakupoğlu Inc. was founded in Yalvaç district of Isparta 85 years ago, in 1927. At first we had concentrated largely on leather products and then we moved to Ankara, which led us to trading and undertaking military apparel. In 1990, we started using advanced technology. At that point, our company has begun to design its own products. Yakupoğlu Inc. has proven its quality especially for technical footwear and kits to the world and has become a well known and trusted global trademark.