Yenice Presents Cutting-Edge Bulletproof Joinery Series

Established in 1995, Yenice operates in the fields of aluminum joinery and curtain wall manufacturing.

Issue 61 - May 2015

Yenice achieves its goals expanding with each passing year thanks to its experience, strong technical staff as well as its manufacturing and assembly quality in European standards. Within the framework of its goal “to be a leader in the bulletproof joinery sector”, Yenice has kept pace with its investments and substantially eliminated its external dependence through establishing its own manufacturing premises for any adjacent material required in this regard. In addition, it constantly renews its equipment pool and thus, carries out its manufacturing activities in a 2.000 m2 indoor area.  Yenice Inşaat (Yenice Construction) has obtained EN 1523 FB6 NS Certificate in NATO standards for its own series of YK100 and YK90 Bulletproof Joinery Series on 10.12.2013 and still continues to expand its goals in the industry

Safety is currently the significant factor both in Turkey and around the world. In this respect, Yenice sped up their R&D activities on ballistic joinery, taking into account the needs of customer and it has started the production of the series YK90 and YK100.