Zemana’s Indigenous Solution Identifies “Deepfake” Threats which are Altering Perceptions and Distorting Reality

Tarih: Issue 96 - December 2019

Asis Elektronik, continuing its growth by creating technological added value in different areas in line with the requirements of the era of digital transformation, and Zemana a Turkey-based international cyber security provider offering online solutions in the cyber security field (incorporated by Asis Elektronik) launced its groundbreaking Deepfake Scanner developed against “Deepfake”, one of the newest and most dangerous threats faced in the constantly evolving cyber landscape. The company shared, for the first time, detailed information about Deepware Scanner, which enables real-time detection of fake videos generated by using artificial intelligence technologies and manipulating human images and voices.

Zemana’s Deepware Scanner provides services all around the world with its security software developed by domestic and national resources and is the world's first online “Deepfake” detector. Detecting fake content generated by the intervention of human images and voices, Deepware Scanner provides a pioneering solution against “Deepfake”, one of the latest and most dangerous threats facing cyber security in recent times.

“Deepfake”, the credibility of which is increasing day by day through algorithms based on the deep learning ability of machines, allows cyber-attacks involving all kinds of malicious manipulations leading to political scandals, social provocation, fraud, slander and etc. Digital content manipulated by “Deepfake” methods that directly affect election results, the fates of countries and the lives of people, create serious threats; for example the videos are believed to be real and as a result the virtual creation is confused with reality. Zemana, with its new solution Deepware Scanner, prevents artificial intelligence from being misused.

Deepware Scanner Targets the Global Market 

Emphasizing that they have developed a critical solution for the security of countries and societies, Yağızhan ATMACA, Board Member Responsible for Technology said, “In the “Deepfake” examples that have come up so far, many different methods that exactly simulate people's gestures and mimics have been used, such as  face swapping, body swapping and voice swapping. Deepware Scanner that we developed to provide an effective solution against “Deepfake” threat is software that instantly detects manipulated videos with its multi-layered mechanism. We are targeting the global market with Deepware Scanner, which provides an important service in the field of cyber security. The danger is great and capable of undermining all of us. This new technology we developed will detect this manipulated danger immediately.” 

Fake Videos to be Detected Instantly! 

Enabling the detection of harmful content before any social or individual damage, Deepware Scanner immediately warns whether or not the content that is being played is fake when installed on a platform. Deepware Scanner has versions developed for social media networks, media organizations and government agencies which provides detection of fake audio and video files.  These types of files are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from real ones without spreading and causing chaos. Deepware Scanner warns governments, social media platforms with its instant messaging application, and provides media platforms with the opportunity to detect deception in digital contents before any damage occurs and aims to prevent possible damage. Deepware Scanner can be integrated to any platform and runs in the background and is able to scan the file that is played on the platform.